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    If you had to be injected with an unregulated substance used as an experimental vaccine for psoriasis for $100 compensation each visit?

    Has anyone ever heard of this? Its like being researched around the globe, but does it sound safe?


    Considering that experimental drugs, by the time they approved for human trials in the US, have already been tested on animals and/or people of the third world, I wouldn’t worry much about safety. But if your best source of medical advice is me here in the cr, you should probably pass.


    Please speak to the MD who has been treating your condition.


    Um, since it involves injections, I’m going to say, flat-out, no. I won’t let anyone stick a needle into me for even a million dollars! (Well, maybe a billion….) (Well, if it’s to save me from an actual C”V life-threatening illness that I’d actually be at risk of contracting….)


    Dunno. If you do have psoriasis though, try the shampoo called Nizoral (it’s ketopine-based). Worked wonders for my dermatitis, and is also for psoriasis.



    Psoriasis is not a life threatening condition, and you have no idea what the side effects may be.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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