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    I am looking at a very bleak employment and economic situation. But I live in a large and thriving frum community.

    I have an usual technical skill set that for the right company would give me an excellent position. But they seem to be far from a Jewish community let alone thriving.

    Is it better to be in unemployed or underemployed not using potential or if you relocated and don’t have the depression that comes with economic problems.

    I wonder what other people would do. Basically I cannot make ends meet currently. And this is compounded by having to pay tuitions.

    But as long as we are in this frum community it will be hard to not send the kids to Yeshiva.

    It’s not what I want but the job oppportunites are very limited. I would move to Eretz Yisroel, although the employment problem would be there as well, but my wife will not consider that.


    Define “boondocks”.

    Do you mean a place such as Baltimore or Chicago which have a handful of yeshivos and restaurants? Do you mean a place such as Albany or Providence where you’ll have only limited options for frum education that might even be co-ed for some grades? Do you mean a place where you will have to homeschool your children, travel great distances or build your own mikva, and either slaughter your meat or go to great lengths to have kosher items imported?


    With the internet at mail-order companies, there is no nowhere in the US where you cannot have Kosher meat available in a few days’ notice.


    yiddishkeit is growing by leaps and bounds in small cities. find out more and dont rule anything out yet until you actually check out the places.


    yes I meant smaller towns. It’s a personal decision I guess.

    You would lose out on alot of the frum life but you would have more personal resect and self esteem.


    Tell us a bit more about this town:

    Is there a yeshiva day school?

    Is there a mikva?

    Is there an orthodox shul?

    Is there a yeshiva high school?

    Is there a girls high school?


    the first thing to do when you are offered such a position is to acknowledge where it came from and what it means. Then call the local Chabad in that area and find out what the Jewish community is like in that area and the neighboring areas and don’t be a snob about it. Mishaneh makom mishaneh mazal and sometimes moving to a smaller community is a wakeup call.


    Sam2, kosher food might not be a huge problem but how about a minyan? and if he has kids, other jews to be around for positive influences. there is much more to where you live than just the availability of kosher food.


    I suppose that what we would call the boondocks now is nowhere as bad as it would have been in our grandparents’ day. Is the exile to the boonie’s permanent, or more like 5 to 7 years?

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