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    Sammydoesit asked a question on the main site where thousands of girls drowned out Wow

    Can I ask a question that we each should think about:
    Which is worse WoW or Neturei Kartah?
    From this website it seems that Women who misunderstand halacha and try to pervert tefilah as it should be is worse than jews praying for and siding with destruction and death of the jewish people.
    Think of how this looks from the outside world…

    I think Wow is worse because they want to make Israel a not Jewish state whereas Neturei Karta want to male it a Jewish non state


    Neutrei Karta is worse, they meet with sonei Yisroel like Ahmadinejad, who has the power to destroy Israel.

    WOW would go away if everyone ignored them


    maskim you are weakening the klal by acknowledging the neturai karta


    maskim you are weakening the klal by acknowledging the NK


    With out comparing., The NK are today’s meraglim.
    We all know what happened to the meraglum.

    The wow group on the other hand are no different then any other fringe group who are simply doing thier own thing in thier own time and not bothering anyone , unless of course you as a chareci are look for it to bother you.


    It is supposed to be a “Jewish non-state”; so since that’s their belief (like it is of most of the rest of Orthodoxy), they’re actually correct.

    Thus your question has no legs or standing.

    WoW is rishus. WoW supports Reform. WoW wants to destroy Torah Judaism at the Kosel HaMa’aravi itself!

    NK has the correct beliefs but at most goes a little bit overboard aiming for Torah-true objectives. The same objectives as the rest of Gedolei Yisroel of yesteryear and today. They go overboard on trying to convey to the world that Orthodox Judaism is opposed to Zionism and opposed the establishment of the State.


    The NK create sakonos nefoshos by being mechazek enemies of Jews that want to kill us. If someone entices a vicious dog to attack a person – the enticer is chayov. In legal terms, they are aiding and abetting murderers of Jews. This puts them in the same category as the murder

    On the other hand, let’s take a careful look at WoW.

    WoW are making a women’s minyan – which is muttar, (men who join the women`s minyan are the ones in the wrong). If they made it elsewhere, no one would care.

    Kriya and aliyos for women in an all women minyan is muttar. Technically (Mishna says so) a woman could be called up to an Aliya!

    Doing mitzva assay she`hazman gerama (tefillin and talis) is likely muttar (no diff than shofar or lulov).

    So what are they technically doing wrong?

    It is NOT so much the “ma’aseh” (what they are doing) but the “machshova” (intent) behind it.

    They are trying to legitimize a non-Torah Judaism.

    Such Jews were around since Yitias Mitzrayim. They made the EIgel HAzohov. They joined Korach. They continue in every generation.


    Nothing NK does harms anyone.

    Other than the sensibilities of those who have a weakness in supporting Zionism.


    Like the person who incites a dog to attack an innocent victim and then claims “nothing I did harmed anyone”.


    Its a circle. Keep going left, and keep going right, and eventually you meet. Wow = Neturei Karta


    If we squint while shaking our heads, wow legitimizes NK.

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