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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I’m the gabbai in a shul, and I called up a guy for gelilah. He made a whole stink about how he was really called for hagbah and that the boy I called for hagabah really was supposed to do gelilah.

    Now I got a whole bunch of texts from other members of the shul, with a link to a CR thread he started to complain publicly.

    What would you do about it?


    Give him a double honor and let him do the last hagbaj before simchas torah, and the first aliyah after simchas torah preferably with the oldest heaviest Torah’s in the shul. If he refuses he’s all talk, cause this time of year it’s a breeze.


    Resign as a gabbay, appoint the complainer as your successor, complain about him in CR.


    Several strategic options come to mind.

    1. Respond to all the outraged texts with a link to a not too offensive pritzus site with a confirmation for the first month of service. Guaranteed to stop any further communications.

    2. Claim you are the gabbai shaini and blame it all on the Gabbai rishon or

    3. Apologize to this apparently chashuvah yid (apparently a legend in his own mind) and promise to give him the Chasan Bereshis aliyah next year, and then figure out how you will explain this to Reb Yankele who already purchased it at the Sisterhood Auction.


    Next time he comes to Shul give a klap on the Bima and yell “Sheigetz Aross!”


    AAQ said it best, so mod’s now you can close this tread


    Little Froggie

    Explain to this individual that ANY task related to the Torah is an honor. In times of old, certain communitied would sell the honor of “Hoshata”, extending or handing over. His sole kibbud was that of handing over the various vestments of the Torah to the Golel. And it was considered an honor, something worth enough to be sold. The Torah is מכבד את מכבדיה, as the piut so says, so consider and Kibbud related to the Torah as truly an Honor.

    Tell him Little Froggie said so.


    Shush him loudly

    Shlomo 2

    Educate him that you actually gave him an upgrade.
    Despite the fact that people think otherwise, gelilah is more chashuv.
    And tell him that now that you see what an am ha’aretz he is and ba’al lashon hora, maybe you will give him the lesser kavod (hagbah) next time.


    to clarify: there is an inyan of zerizus in performing mitzvos:

    You are called somewhere – run to do that.
    Another issue my Rov taught: you are irate that someone is taking your makom kavua? Come earlier.

    Ad kan? as long as it is safe. Kohanim used to compete for jobs until someone got hurt.


    Tell nearby shuls that this guy is a fantastic mentsch, and hope they encourage his to quit your shul and join theirs.


    To huju: Proper English syntax requires you to use the term him rather than his.

    If you’re in middle school you likely learnt this already.

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