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    Guter yid

    If anybody still recalls the controversy when an electronics and “hot gadgets” retailer opened their stores in Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak, and was subject to pappeals from roshei yreshivos and rabbonim to stop selling certain gadgets which they feel is dangerous to the youth, but those stubborn owners laughed at the “fanatic religious” leaders and went on with extra strength to advertise their products, appealing to the ultra orthodox youth, which eventually brought to demonstrations and protests outside their stores.

    In one well known incident, the enraged out of control owner of a “Space” (?????) store came out to assault the demonstrators whom he blamed to be causing him to lose business blocking his store passage etc. He used his feet and his fists to hit kick and throw punches at demonstrators, he even broke his arm in his rampage while punching and hitting on the crowd.

    They went a step further, turning the table, and accused an innocent asken that he raised his hands on this infamous owner, despite all the witnesses that this beloved asken is innocent, and has never hurt a person, the “charedi loving” court “found” him guilty, and he’s now serving time in prison for battery and assault, while the assailant store owner who had hit numerous people was left to roam the streets freely, and continued with his business as usual, yea, this is what he thought, Hashem had different plans for this madman, a few days ago they had to file for bankrutcy, and the banks ceased all of their inventory, “space” store is now history.

    ?? ????? ?? ?????? ?


    Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

    May the RBS”O reward the askan for his suffering.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    And now for the other side . . .

    Feif Un

    Sure, I’ll provide the other side!

    The “innocent” guy in question is a member of the sikrikim cult. They were the ones who protested, not the general chareidi public.

    Not only where there protests, they also threatened to kill the employees and burn down the store. Why? Because the store sells portable DVD players.

    The people should be ashamed at the way they treated a Jew trying to earn an honest living (something they know nothing about).

    Additionally, during the appeal of the case, the “innocent” guy never denied attacking the store owner, he only claimed the punishment was excessive for the crime he had committed. Oh, and the crime was committed by 2 people – one held the store owner, while another beat him.


    …and this is why we have a CR.


    It’s funny how “a guter yid” “knows” exactly what happened. The fact that they went to a din Torah against the sikrkim and that Menuval who got “only” 2 years and should have gotten soo much more, and the bais din paskened (yes a clear psak) against the sikrikim and for the store owners. The reply of that person (sikrik) was: I don’t care about bais din.

    In addition, clear footage of surrounding security cameras showed who really beat who. The sikrik took extra measures to beat the owner that required him to get surgery and multiple stitches.

    Next, against halacha, burning the store down and causing immense monetary losses, who would repay for that?

    I have so much more to say, and “a guter yid” I don’s wish this upon you, but before you go out on a limb to enjoy the downfall of erliche yidden, you should be ashamed of yourself. Get the facts right!!!!

    Feif Un

    Guter Yid is probably Joseph’s newest name. It’s pretty well known where his loyalties lie – with Neturei Karta, sikrikim, and others like them.


    Just.me: That is exactly who certain people consider the gutteh yiddin.

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