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    I just listened to the new YBC Acapella CD for the first time, and i must say that i’m once again very impressed with Gerstner’s talent. I’m wondering what other people think about the album.


    He’s very talented, but I don’t like the choir sounds like screaming to me.I wish he would go back to solo albums.


    yup he is very talented guy all the music is him beat boxing or other stuff & composed most of the song on this album i heard that he has a few songs for a solo album of himself which i don’t know wen its gonna come out maybe a year or two he’s busy doing other projects like the chevra is coming out lag b’omer i also agree the choir doesn’t sound that too good, but overall its a good cd for sefira & the three weeks, i also personally know a kid that was in the choir (he just left pesach)

    bein hasedorim

    Very exciting for an a capella cd. Also was good to see that Eli G decided to stick to using purely voices (almost), the way acapella really should be. Its a shame when others put out so-called “Aka-pella” cd’s which are so jazzed up and defeat the whole purpose of sfira.


    Just trying to figure out certain topics that have appeared here in the last few days. Virtually every qualified posek of note who has published on the topic, has said that it is assur to listen to these a Capella tapes during the sefira and three weeks that have the music and beats simulated to sound real. Maybe I missed something, and the esteemed CR can enlighten me. I should surely be dan l’caf zechus that there are such poskim. Does anyone know if they exist? If not, people should probably cease commenting about all these wonderful things that are kneged halacha.

    YBC rocks

    Eli said that he will not be overdoing the “music” element as perhaps some other sefirah albums have tinged upon, because he wants this album to be “kosher” in all homes. However, he insures us, that the production value will nonetheless still be amazing! all the music is real not simulated he made it on purposed not to sound real music or most of it is him if u wanna hear from him abt the album listen to the interviews that he did like with country yossi or dovid zweig just go buy the album

    Shopping613 🌠

    Search YBC Acapella on youtube, they came out with a music video 2 days ago! YBC fans, enjoy!


    Well if Rav Yisroel Belsky says its ossur, but Country Yossi says its muttar, then I guess all is well, and fire up your CD players!!!


    Some of EG acapella cds are very “kosher” with just singing and noises with the mouth but other songs like ashrei, amen, and yavohh are real music! They have drums, some clinging noises and they make the voices in to a tune so it sounds like real music…


    batseven, you clearly have no idea what can be done with a studio these. They are are capable of imitating the tonal frequencies of real instruments and thus, when they make a sound into a microphone with their mouth, it sounds much like the real instrument. However, it is not real instruments. That is the secret behind AKA Pella too, to an even greater degree than the ybc cd. You can make a claim that it totally defeats the purpose of not listening to instruments. But its a loophole that many use, including myself, because when it comes down to it, there were not any instruments played. Its NOT real music.


    Midwesterner: The Minhag has always clearly been to be Meikil by this (I gave a Hesber in another thread) and that is what Minhagei S’firah is really dependent on-the Minhagim.

    What I find sad is that people now define S’firas Ha’omer by not listening to music. An unheard-of concept 250 years ago has become the definition of S’fira. I think a lot of people, more than just those who do listen to music (whether a capella or real), miss the point of S’fira.


    Even if I listened to accapella music during sefira, I wouldn’t listen to this just because I don’t like YBC. It’s just not really quality music. It’s really making up a catchy tune that people think sounds ‘cool’ enough and putting some random passuk to it, it seems.

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