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    I wonder if Ye is doing everything thing in his power to undermine the MAGA conservative movement even further than they are capable of themselves.

    I can almost see it now, once Trump fails again he will say he was undercover this whole time, and point to the fact he sacrificed so much to the cause, saying he was only spewing antisemetic tropes to get in with the white supremacists.

    Then there will be a reconciliatory phase where he will be forgiven and come back into the mainstream fold as a hero. The guy seems to be the pinnacle of an oppurtunist.


    He’s just a mentally ill person who has lost his family due to his bad middos and untreated mental illness. I’ve listened to his interview: he has the mannerisms and speech of a person who has had a breakdown.

    That doesn’t mean he’s not a bad person; many antisemites and terrorists are mentally ill.

    hashem says no

    Ye is a good person, I have met him many times. big fan. keep up the good work Ye.


    Mr. West has been saying and acting like a mentally unhinged individual for well over a decade now. His political opinions were never consequential because who cares what a crazy person thinks? So now his particular brand of crazy aligns with the crazies who openly hate us and want to kill us. Nu nu. Next week he’ll be saying he’s the president of Madagascar or something.


    In year 2009, Kanye West made himself into a fool before the entire world, when he jumped onto the stage [without permission] and rudely interrupted Miss Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMA [MTV Video Music Awards] ceremony.

    That incident alone is enough to expose Kanye West as a shameless lunatic.

    This distasteful incident is still recorded in many places on the internet.


    I stand by what I said, this man is insane or is masterful at playing the incoherent uneducated bigot.

    The fools platforming if this guy on the right have totally lost their cause. In todays society you are guilty by association merely by having a controversial guest on a platform. All the people having him on are thinking very short term and it is going to cost them.

    All of you trying to perform mental gymnastics to defend this are wasting your time, the damage has been done whether by design or lunacy. Blaming the left for BDS associations will fall upon deaf ears, literally nobody cares no matter how wrong it is.

    I also have strong suspicions Fuentes is an informant. Anybody that thinks I’m nuts on this can read about cointelpro and see this is too big not to be strategic politically.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I just realized what happened

    We say משנה שמו משנה מזלו

    When he changed his name to YE he became an antisemite

    YE is short for YEmach shimo v’zichro

    ☕️coffee addict

    Ye is obviously doing this for attention and if people stop giving him attention he’ll either go away or find a different way of getting it

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