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    I want to put an ad in my brother’s child’s high school yearbook.

    The prices for the ads seem ridiculous!

    Am I being just really cheap?

    What are the prices for this stuff normally?

    Are the prices different because its a girl or a boy?

    Someone please tell me what the typical prices are?

    thank you!


    my yeshiva prices for full page is 180 100 for a half and so on what is it by you?

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    Adds for yearbook or any journal are crazy high, but that’s how they raise the money. The truth is that publishing a yearbook is very expensive. They way we do it is, all the aunts, uncles and cousins get together and put one page add. Doing it this way is reasonable and you can list EVERYBODY:) Mazal Tov:)


    i make the 8th grade yearbook every year for the school i work in. you have no idea how expensive the printing and binding is per child! the school makes nothing off of it…. and thats with me doing it without charging the school…. i always feel bad telling parents the ad prices cuz it is costly but we make it as low as possible!!!


    If money is tight than some things have to go by the wayside maybe you should just make a small donation to the Yeshiva and give your nephew a gift which combined will probably be cheaper, of course its a mitzvah to give toa worthwhile mosad but you should spend more than you are comfortable with.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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