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    did anybody ever hear about this band that can tell me more about it?


    Hi I am hlms brother.

    I have not just heard of Yedidim I know the owner and I am a part time agent for him. He is a close friend too. The band has been around for as far as I know 2 years or something like that. But over all it happens to be a very good band.


    Hi, Yedidim Orchestra was started approximately 5 years ago with a group of friends who new how to play and we used to jam for fun in Lakewood at nights. Now BH 5 years, hundreds of job, and a number of agents later we have a branch in chicago and New York. We travel worldwide and your guaranteed the best sound for your Simcha! As far as agents are concerned, HLM’s, give me some time, i have a funny feeling i know who you are, so dont tell me till i approach you. (BL’s favorite line is Hashem loves me, am i close???)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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