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    Do they pronounce ayin as “ng” and do they like most yeshivish pronounce cholam as oy?
    So for example they would say sh’mang for שמע, ho-ngoylom for העולם, and yangakoyv for יעקב, with the pronunciation of n as in nun and g as in gimel, or is it a velar nasal “ŋ” without the consonant g ?



    If your posts is written in regular dumb person english youll have a better time getting answers just though youd like to know



    The question was asked
    Why does the פסוק say
    עדה וצילה שמען קולי
    Even if it would say שמע קולי you would still say שמען קולי
    Answer you need the ן so you don’t pronounce the ג



    @toi I guess what I wanted to say was: “Do the Jerusalem briskers like the Soloveitchiks and their followers use the Litvish pronunciation of Hebrew that pronounces cholam as “ay” as in “pay” when they daven and read from Torah?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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