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    I visited Israel and I saw a great guide to help yeshiva and seminary students in Israel with all sorts of logistical info etc. Does anybody know who put it together and are how do students feel about it. Is it being used etc.. and has it been discussed in the coffee room earlier.


    idk who puts it out but i saw it in judiaca place on ave m


    It’s definitely useful for some things like the brief synopsis of each bus route. For shana alef students it probably helps even more. My favorite line is when it describes mehadrin buses, “Men sit in the front and woman in the back like Rosa Parks.”


    or did you make it and you are trying to do an informal survey????


    Its put out every year by the Newcomers Network. They also put out a book every year called the Newcomers Guide. Yes its used all over. For some people its like their Bible- They read it cover to cover ; )

    In all seriousness, it has all the info you will ever need t live here and its very accurate and very well put together. I pull my copy out at least once or twice every week. And im already living here over a year.


    the guide was made by a close friend of mine

    its been very popular and well accepted

    y do u want the number

    i can ask him if i can give it to you


    On Mehadrin buses, how do the girls pay if they have to sit in the back?


    The newcomers guide is different from the yeshiva/seminary guide. (from what I hear there is politics between the creators)

    On the mehadrin buses there is usually a hole puncher for the kartisya hanging on a chain by the back door. The problems start when a girl needs a transfer or wants to pay cash. She has to make a difficult decision and decide which is worse, whether to walk to the front or ask a guy to get get it for her. I personally feel that it is all in her mind and if she didn’t make herself uncomfortable she wouldn’t be.


    Good to know for next time. When I first used the buses I got on the front and was rather confused as to why I was getting death stares…



    The newcomers network puts out a yeshiva and seminary guide too. I dont know if thats the one you are referring to but its definitely the same owner. Most of it has the same wording. Of course the newcomers guide is like 20 times bigger…being that its that much more complicated to live in EY as a married couple than as a yeshiva bochur or seminary….


    My friend who knows the person who puts out the yeshiva/seminary guide told me that the person who puts out the newcomers guide was very upset that it was infringing on her business. I may have the wrong info but where are you getting your information.


    I get their emails all the time and sometimes they list their services. Im pretty sure it says there that they publish both.

    Also how can it not be the same if they use the same wording?



    They have a website?

    What’s the email address? I want to see this thing. Thanks.


    Their email address is [email protected]

    website is

    If you go to the info bar on the website youll see all the diff categories that are there- Its an abnormal amount of info and its a tremendous help for all of us living here





    Are bochurim using the guide. I want to advertise my yeshiva and want to know if bochrim are using it to find a yeshiva in america.


    I use it once in a while it has some useful info


    Where can I get this guide to see if a new seminary is in it? I would like to make sure that this seminary is not listed.

    Lakewood Mom

    The girls send the ticket with a little kid who collects them and bring them to the driver up fornt.

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