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    My son wants to attend a coed Jewish high school. We prefer to choose a Yeshiva. The Yeshiva we have selected is out of town. We liked it but he refuses to think of it. The High school is coed and has 1.5 hours of Gemara.. at a low level.

    What do we do? He is set on going to this Jewish Community High School?


    Ask a Rav if it’s muttar. If it is, impress upon him the importance of learning and Gemara at home. In my experience, I have found that some of those who love and appreciate learning the most (and are best at it because they are more dedicated) are those who had a very strong background in learning at home (strong not meaning good, but meaning important) rather than the Yeshivah/high schoolwhere they went to.


    Mr Rebbe ZT”L used to say that a coed high school was a churban. he once told a big donor who was building a coed high school that he’s building a churban- during the actual fundraising meeting! The guy got upset but 2 weeks later sent the yeshiva his usual donation.


    Has he been asked the reason he prefers a coed Jewish high school?

    If so, what has he said?


    Is he emotionally ready to live out of town?

    Many boys are not.

    old man

    If someone who is facing a crisis in raising an adolescent turns to the coffee room for advice, then his troubles run much deeper than just choosing a school for his child.

    This is not the place for important decisions. Go to someone trained to give sound advice in these situations.

    Unless this is a troll thread.


    old man – I partially agree with you, but perhaps this person doesn’t live in a town where there is a real Rov and this website is the closest thing to the Yeshiva world. But these Shailos should be asked to Gedolim. He should try calling R’ Dovid Feinstein.


    If the problem is that they yeshiva is out of town, you need to find a yeshiva in town, or move to the other town.

    If it means losing your job, then I just don’t know what to tell you.

    And you really need to follow old man’s advice here.


    your son is probably a boy correct? theres usually only one motivation for a boy to attend anyhting co-ed. ’nuff said.


    old man – I think hyou may have been right. The OP disappeared.

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