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    can anyone please tell me about yeshiva mercaz hatorah or rabbi senters yeshiva please?i am in 12th grade will most probably be deciding between these 2 yeshivas


    hi- I dont really know about Rabbi senters, but mercaz Hatorah is an unbelievable Yeshiva, Rabbi Rottman along with the whole faculty are really special people! Good Luck making decisions…


    i’m also in 12th, and have been talking to a couple of guys from my yeshiva who are there now

    they seem to be learning really well, love the rabbeim, and only have positive things to say about the yeshiva

    dont know much about merkaz … sory


    guys? from yeshiva?



    what yeshiv are you from TOHIGHSCHOOLGUY


    Darchei Torah in Toronto


    oh and squeak … that comment was kind of pathetic … but if you want to start a semantical argument on guy or bocher, find someone who cares


    alanzaguto, what yeshiva are you in?

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    im just glad that youre all in yeshiva.

    although i dont think you bachurim should be posting your exact yeshivas.

    many ppl know many ppl in toronto including me

    private info=exactly that. PRIVATE. keep it that way.


    BYmaydel … just curious, why would that be private (unless I am posting just to annoy and create trouble, which I generally don’t) (BTW, that was not sarcastic, just simple curiosity)


    Yeshiva bochrim online!! oy vey


    I was in Rabbi senters yeshiva and it is awesome. awesome guys. awesome rebbeim and Rabbi Senter is really unbelievable. the location is right next to the mir so theres so many bochurim type restaurants. I dont really know mercaz but there were a bunch of them who were in R’ Senters. they are good guys. mercaz is in talpiot though which is a busride away from anything really


    I know guys in both Senters and Merkaz. its a cool place. most guys who go there are cool. Have fun!


    Macklemore, why are you answering a question in a thread that’s five years old? These guys are probably grandfathers by now!


    I know. I didn’t realize till after. I guess all those thrift shops are starting to have an affect on me. Anyway I posted on a different post that I made a post that hasn’t been posted on in 5 years

    moi aussi

    Any updates on those two Yeshivos? Any new Yeshivos on the market? I am looking for my son who needs a Yeshiva with a non-intense program, and permit having a Smartphone (filtered of course).

    B1g B0y

    No normal yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel will permit a smartphone (even filtered)

    B1g B0y

    A bochur who comes to E”Y for a “non intense” “smartphone” “experience” will not gain anything by coming to learn in E”Y.

    Better he should come and “experience Israel” on a birthright trip (men only of course)

    moi aussi

    Well B1g BOy, You’re obviously unaware that there are plenty of bochurim who are not able to sit and learn Gemara all day long. One needs Yeshivos for such boys too, or should all those bochurim go on a Birthright trip?

    I am looking into one Yeshiva who caters for such boys, and yes also permits a “filtered” Smartphone. My son is finishing Yeshiva high school where all his friends have a filtered Smartphone.

    If you would have any idea about chinuch, you would know about: “chanoch lena’ar al pi darko”.

    So if anyone knows of suitable Yeshivos for my son, I would love to hear from you.


    moi aussi: I do not know about the use of smartphones but some bochurim from my neighborhood went to and thrived in Yeshiva Ateres Yerushalayim (AJ).

    You can find more information on their website: ateret dot org

    moi aussi

    Thank you iacisrmma, I know boys who went to Ateres, I will look at it.

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