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    What are the Yeshiva tuition costs of your child (or those in your circles)?

    Please specify whether you are discussing…

    1. Boy or Girl (i.e. Yeshiva or Beis Yaakov)

    2. Yeshivish, Chasidish, Sefardic, Modern Orthodox, or other

    3. Locality (as specific as you are comfortable — i.e. Brooklyn, Lakewood, Teaneck, etc.)

    4. Number of tuition age children, and any discounts based on additional children

    5. Age of child(ren) (i.e. preschool, elementary, high school, etc.)

    6. Any scholarship or needs based discount

    And any other relevant data you feel important to mention.


    $4,000 for a Yeshiva Boy (3rd grade) in a Yeshivish/semi-Chasidish Brooklyn school with one child. Don’t know if it is the standard rate, as the school seems to negotiate tuition individually with each set of parents.


    I don’t have any kids in school yet, but all the local schools range from:

    $14,000-$17,000 per student for grades K-8

    Preschool is around $10,000+

    MO Schools for boys and girls

    Scholarships given on a need basis. Scholarships phase out if you earn $175,000 or more

    Teaneck, NJ


    Someone went to a relative of mine with a request for Tzedaka, as he needed 3500$ for a brooklyn yeshiva to keep his child in.

    So somewhere in Brooklyn there is a school with a minimum 3500$ tuition (no clue if it is a boy or girl).


    For boys and girls:

    $1,400 a year for preschool kindergarten.

    After that I understand the price goes down a bit more.


    Will let you know more as I go along.

    tomim tihye

    Approx $7,000/year for boys and girls, grades Pre-1A-8 in Yeshivish schools in Brooklyn. Nursery and kindergarten in those schools are about $5,000 (finish 2 hours earlier). The most I heard of these schools’ reduction is $2500 per child.


    In my neighborhood it is about $17,000 per year.


    In Queens, boys yeshivas are in the range of $8,000-$10,000, ditto Bais Yaakov. The reason I’m not giving an exact figure is that I’m out of those schools for the past 2 years, so things have probably changed.

    1st timer

    My son is starting Mesivta in Far Rockaway in September. Tuition is close to $16,000. In Brooklyn, Mesivta & girls high school, between $9000 & $10,000


    I read somewhere about a place that does a kehillah fund for schools.


    Teaneck has a sort of Kehilla fund called NNJKIDS. This year it gave approximately $200/kid to each school.


    In LA the Yeshivish school (Toras Emes) is about $18,000 per student with some discounts for multiple students. The more “modern” type day schools are over $20,000 (Yavneh, Hillel, Maimonides).

    The high schools are about the same with the largest “modern” high school topping out at $25,000+.

    Scholarships are available to families in need and it seems no one is turned away for REAL financial need, but they do want to know what you spend your money on.


    la guy

    i know and that’s why i can’t understand why everyone makes such a huge deal about seminaries being sooo expensive. I know someone who went to a very prominent seminary provides food and board, and everything and charged 17,000, so can someone explain why is everyone screaming that sem tuition is outrageous while regular school for children per year is the same amount???

    Max Well

    Chasidish Yeshivos tend to have lower tuitions. I heard Satmar and Bobov and others in Brooklyn charge about $2k, but will take anyone in even if they can’t afford that.


    Are tuitions generally negotiated individually, or is it more set across the board?


    so no one has any answer for my question. Why are seminaries being harassed for being so expensive if a regular school charges the same amount minus food and board?


    1) Most NY area schools are not $15,000+

    2) Seminary is a luxury that people are trying to make necessary. So its hard for a family with a lot of kids to afford it and people complain.

    3) It *should* be cheaper to run a school in Israel, especially since it just has Judaic studies, no secular.


    SJS answer #3 is not valid at all. I hear, ok the first two, but i know someone who ran a seminary for a few years and she said they made NOTHING on it. In fact, they were doing so badly i think they closed down. People don’t want to accept it but its a fact that there are a LOT of expenses involved in running a seminary.

    As far as seminary being a luxury and pple trying to make it necessary. It’s their problem if they feel they have to send their children cuz that’s whats accepted now.

    And dont you think that seminaries have a right to charge more than a regular school tuition? they are including food and board. And for all those who say , how come the yeshivos don’t charge so much- yeshivos go around collecting, i don’t know about you but i would turn away anyone collecting for a seminary.


    answer #3 is very valid. take out the exteremes like LA and it’s half price for schools here as opposed to israel where it’s cheaper to live and salaries are less.


    SJS: Ever wonder how much ISRAELIS pay for sem?

    Want to bet it is less than the Americans?

    Take BJJ for example, where there are programs for both.

    I would make that bet.

    (And agree with the premise).


    Sof, if you look at the expensive schools in the US, they are either MO or in really expensive areas (like LA). MO schools generally have excellent education, expensive buildings (including labs, gyms etc) and well trained staff in both limudei kodesh and limudei chol. When you require your Chumash teacher to have a bachelors, their salary goes up which in turn makes tuition rise.

    In addition, salaries are lower in Israel. So whereas a teacher might get $50,000/year here, in Israel they would probably get $30,000/year.

    Unless you are talking about a school like Midreshet Harova or Hakotel, I can’t imagine why it would be so expensive.

    Also, a lot of my friends told me that many meals were not covered.

    I personally don’t think seminaries should get flack for expenses because it IS a luxury. This current generation views everything as a *need* rather than a want. Its absurd. Need: food, shelter, clothing.


    gavra at work – BJJ stopped that in recent years now they are only American (a few Europeans sprinkled in here and there)

    SJS – yes seminary IS a hug luxury. I’m just trying to understand why everyone’s screaming about the exorbant price for tuition if local tuition for reg school is not that much more. Thanks for your ideas.


    Sof, also, anyone who needs (or want :-/) a scholarship for local schools gets them. People don’t get seminary scholarships for the most part.


    the system views seminary as a neccessity


    Arc, there are good local seminaries in Brooklyn (well, local for many people). A year galavanting in Israel is NOT necessary.


    sof davar:

    Second SJS.


    I always get so irritated when people discuss how expensive seminary is. They can charge what they want- NOONE is forcing you to go! and I know that no one is getting rich from the seminaries. They simply are NOT!!!! It costs a TON to feed and house a bunch of girls, pay staff and teachers and trips, etc. No matter what the system is, they are still privately owned and owe nothing to anyone. Also, the shekel has dropped in terms of the dollar tremndously in the past few years, and so $’s get much fewer Shekels to the $ now, so prices had to go up….


    My soon to be 3 year old is going to gan next year for a ‘whopping’ 1,400 shekels next year, AKA 350 bucks. (That’ full price). As if you Jews needed another reasn to make aliyah.


    EH – 1400 Shekels is not full price, it’s subsidised, based upon income; unless you’re referring to a private Gan, which is hard to believe that cheap.


    Obviously it is subsisdised by the gov’t/city, but that is without getting a break for being an injured vet, child currently in the army, etc. Yes, 140 shekels a month IS full price and ironically she will be speaking better hebrew then I did after 12 years of $15,000 tuition.


    SJS firstly I didnt say I feel its neccesitated I blamed the “system”.

    Heyois many in the yeshivish velt feel its a knock on a girl vis a vis shidduchim not to go to Israel it is somewhat.

    Personally I dont feel every girl should go but I also feel the way the system is set and the fact that in most schools it’s a given, it is often unfair not to allow your daughter to go.

    Lastly the connotation of “galavanting” as if they do and gain nothing in Israel is flat out inaccurate and disgusting.


    I always get so irritated when people discuss how expensive seminary is.

    Yep… that’s the issue I’m facing with my oldest (on the male side). He graduates high school next year, but I doubt (if things remain as they currently are) that I’m going to be able to send him to beis midrash full time, simply for financial reasons.

    The Wolf



    I don’t know exactly where on the spectrum of yeshivos your son is attending. If it is one that is saying that they have to continue in beis medrash you can do what my parents did. They told the yeshiva that we respectdully disagree, if you maintain that my son has to continue in beis medresh, he is all yours except for th ehours I expect him to be in college learning a trade, since that is my obligation towards him. I received some goernment grants and a 3rd party scholarship that went to the yehsiva and my parents didn’t pay.


    Arc, many people gain a lot from seminary. They still galavant around Israel. Most seminaries take them on trips all over the place. Its not really a negative, but I don’t see any reason why seminary in Israel would become “mandatory.”


    School season is back. Perhaps others can add their insights and participate in this survey by providing feedback on what their tuition costs are.


    In mexico city kindergarten for 2 kids $1000 a month. That would be about $6000 a year per kid (including costs of incrptions)

    Elementary and high school is more ezpensive. If you want a discount you must take credit card statements, passports(to see how much you travel), show what car you drive, etc.


    So far it seems fair to say that generally speaking tuition under $4,000 (for one child in a school) is only available in Chasidish mosdos. Litvish mosdos seem to be $4,000 and up. MO are upwards of $10,000.


    Yeshiva University High Schools in New York City. (Boy’s school in Manhattan, girl’s school in Queens):

    Tuition (includes breakfast & transportation from most communities): $20,800

    Registration Fee: $750

    Dinner Journal Fee: $1,000

    If applicable:

    Dormitory Fee: $4,200

    Dormitory Activity Fee: $200

    I get a huge discount because I work for YU.

    Sister Bear

    Most people are forgetting that these prices are JUST tution costs. In my siblings school tution is around $4000 a kid, plus building fees and book fees (which the books are 20 years old) and the dinner, and you have to get X amount of people to buy raffle tickets and you have to spend at least $1000 on school cash, plus all the trips and activities and school shabbatons which are mandatory and at least $100 a kid…

    Everything adds up!!!


    Sister Bear, $4,000 is what is actually paid after discounts (if applicable), or is that the “asking price”? Is it a yeshivish school? How old is the child? Do you have several siblings in the same school, and that is the price per child?

    Sister Bear

    I think it’s the “asking price” but I’m not that sure.

    Yeah, its a Bais Yaakov High School. I don’t know about the elementary school or the boys school.

    It’s the price per child and I have a couple of siblings there.

    I switched out of that school and my new school has a higher tuition but thats the only thing my parents have to pay. They are even giving my my Seforim!!


    Have tuition costs gone up over the last few years?

    The little I know

    I see a common practice of posting a comment that diverts the exact focus of the OP. While I generally do not like this, I will follow the lead.

    The frum community has more forms of tzedokoh than can be imagined. Peruse the gemach list in the frum phone directories. It is staggering. there are many other versions of charity that boggle the mind. There is one that I have yet to encounter (though I have heard it proposed several times).

    A tuition fund. Yes, people donate funds to assist parents in paying tuition costs. These funds might be channeled away from the yeshivos fund raising efforts, but the money ends up going to support the yeshivos. Meanwhile, some parents will not have to face the threat of not allowing children entry to school.

    The picture I have of this is that it is based purely on hardship. I cannot rate the forms of hardship, but it would include single mothers, parents who are unemployed or lost jobs, those with medical expenses that drain them, and even those who work but are underearning. Disqualifiers can include taking trips for vacations to E”Y or elsewhere, having luxury cars, making lavish simchos, etc., all indicators of hardship just being priorities that are unfair to the chiyuv to provide chinuch to one’s children.

    Obviously, the panel of evaluators would be broad and inquisitive. I envision such a fund holding huge fund raising events, ones that rival some of the greatest ones in our community. The tuition burden is so overwhelming to so many, and it would be just and right to create a mechanism to ease such pain.

    One fear – yeshivos won’t like it.


    Disqualifiers can include taking trips for vacations to E”Y or elsewhere, having luxury cars,

    Please define “Luxury cars”. Is a 2002 Lexus a Luxury car vs a 2016 Honda Accord . Who decides this

    Why should a vacation count against you? How do you know who paid for it, Maybe the person had Miles/Points or the parents paid for it. It is healthy to have a vacation. Maybe an African Safari is over the top. but even trips to Israel might not cost as much as you think especially if they have relatives there they can stay for free


    TLIK: Actually Yeshivas will probably love it. I think the most likely reason this wasn’t done yet is because it seems like trying to plug a crater sized hole in a ship with a small tube of silicone. No one wants to tackle something where the needs are likely much greater than potential fund raising can cover and have to turn away more people than can be helped.

    Perhaps my assessment is too negative, but if you think it’s doable GO FOR IT!


    The little I know – Until the “fund” disqualifies Bobov because they don’t teach any English, and SAR because it is OO, and This one, and That one……

    You get the point.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    IME, the yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs themselves do this.



    Even more so SAR charges $25,000 a year and a Bobov school in Borough park charges $4000 a year, Why should the MO schools get more money than the Charedi schools which charge alot less, the fund could tell you to send your kid to the cheaper school and not give you anything


    the fund could tell you to send your kid to the cheaper school and not give you anything

    The fund could also tell the parents to home school.

    There you go, I’ve created the fund 🙂 No money needed, just telling parents they should home school instead of sending to Yeshiva.


    They very well might especially if its a kid who needs Special Ed which is very expensive, they could say either home school your kid or send them to public school.

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