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    I need some ideas.

    I heard there is a hotel in the berkshires with a minyan. its supposedly near very affordable skiing/snowboarding.

    anybody have any other ideas of places with minyanim?


    windham mountain and hunter mountain are near tannersville and albany

    shawnee mountain and camelback ski area are in the poconos

    i’m going skiing next week, CANT WAIT!!



    If you ask me just chill out at home it is simpler and cheaper


    just a safety tip… if anyone plans to go snowboarding, please WEAR A HELMET!!! especially if u plan to do tricks!! There were so many times that if I werent wearing a helmet, it would not have been a good sight. trust me, its worth it.


    I heard ‘Split Rock’ is having a minyan you can try there


    I’m all for a winter vacation. However, the word “yeshiva” in the title raises the eyebrows quite a bit. Do yeshivas in America really stop smack in the middle of the zman for a break? Meimisim atzmam be’ohola shel Torah on the slopes?


    If you do not mind driving around a bit, philly and the brandywine valley might be of interest. In addition to being a place of history, including a Jewish museum, there is also a frum community. It has world class art and science museums and if any of the high schoolers want to look at a college with a frum population, u of penn would be in session with one of the finest hillels in America. Venturing beyond the city, Longwood Gardens has no peer as a botanic garden and a little south into Delaware, Winterthur attracts visitors from around the world to see the furnishing collections. West toward Lancaster is a different kind of frum community, that of the Amish Mennonites. While it is a little touristy, there are railroad museums, horse & buggies, and some open farms as well as a few reasonably authentic farmers markets. And then there are some of the largest collection of shopping outlets around.



    Otisville, a pleasant retreat in upstate New York, has a minyan but security concerns make it hard for those who are not in the koilel there to daven in the beis medrash.

    -see you Purim!


    home is probably the most affordable


    lol how creative…


    Rocking Horse Ranch has Yeshiva Week with miyanim and kosher food. Theres skiing, snow tubing, horseback riding, a new water park with seperate swimming, etc… If your kids are major skiers its not really for them its just a small ski hill. But we go every year and even my teenage kids love it!

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