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    Anyone know anything about Beis Yisroel or Senter’s?


    Beis Yisroel This is the neighborhood wherein “Mir Yeshivas Mir” is located.

    I. M. Shluffin

    Go to beis yisrael neighborhood- mafit nechama is open 24 hours.


    If you want info on beis yisroel yeshiva i can put you in contact with people who learn/learnt there?

    Burnt Steak

    I know a bit about Beis.

    It is a 4 year program. Many start from the first year, but some do transfer in after 2nd year at other place. Learning is good. There is a heavy midwest presence including boys and rabbis. The people I know that went/ are going there love the place. The guys have a lot of fun but they also learn. Its in Jerusalem but a little far from the Kotel.

    If you have any specific questions I’ll try to answer them for you. I personally did not go to Beis, but I considered it and some of my friends went there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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