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    Hi I am a yeshiva bochur looking into different options where to go for beis midrash next zman. I have been in Israel the past couple years in yeshiva there. I am now 21 and looking to come back to the states soon. Does Yeshivas Ohr Reuven in Monsey have bocharim my age? What type of bocurim go there? Thanks. Also is it the type of place that would be open to my going to college one or two nights a week?


    Ohr Reuven’s Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Bezalel Rudinsky shlita, is speaking on the Lower East Side tomorrow at a Kinnus Teshuva, 5PM at The Bialystoker Synagogue.


    Reb Bezalel is of the opinion that it is a mitzvah for a man to be mepharnes his own family. The Yeshiva I believe runs a program with an online college. The man is an amazing talmid chochom and there is a lot you can learn from him both in Torah and midos. You shosuld definitely check into it.


    Thank you aries, do you know though if there are bochurim my age there or most are younger or kollel already? It seems like most bochurim 21-22 range are in Eretz Yisroel yeshivos having done beis midrash in America first.


    Yeshivabochur, age is just a number! When you are in a warm environment like that of this yeshiva, you are a chabura of talmidim and if you are a year older or a year younger than someone else, it really doesn’t matter. Go check it out for yourself. The z’man has already started, so take a ride, walk in and have a seat. Feel the ruach and take in the atmosphere and see if you fit in.


    (845) 362-8362

    I think a phone call could answer most of your questions.


    There are 21 year olds there and it is a great yeshiva. I am currently learning there in the kollel.



    “Does Yeshivas Ohr Reuven in Monsey have bocharim my age?”

    Yes, Ohr Reuven has quit a few bochrim in their early 20s.

    “What type of bocurim go there?”

    All types. It’s a very warm and excepting environment, with solid learning and great guys.

    “Also is it the type of place that would be open to my going to college one or two nights a week?”

    Yes, there are several people there now who go to college part-time. You should check it out.

    no it all

    ha yeshiva bouchur learing in isreal i hope u are joying it

    anyway yeshivas ohr reuven is a one of kind place a place u will not find else where there ARE guys there your age but it does not really make a diff bec we at the yeshiva are one BIG family it is truly unbelievable u can ask anybody that has been thru the yeshiva it is thriving makom torah

    i will give you a little back round the yeshiva was started nearly 20 yrs ago by the esteemed rosh hayeshiva rabbi rudinsky and rabbi brodie

    to skip a whole bunch of years the yeshiva more recently added to there hanhala rabbi medtesky menhal and harav bamberger the masgiach

    after rabbi bamberger took over the mestiva with rabbi medetsky the yeshiva has taken off growing and growing b”h it schould cont.

    today the yeshiva has 76 in the mestiva and over 50 beis medrash and kollel youngerlite and and amazing staff of rabbeim well know in monsey

    and about the collage think as a whole most guys do not do collage in fact i think there is one guy But the yeshiva does have a state recognized program in which u can get credit from taking test in Hebrew studies

    all in all it a gr8 place come one day to check it out you will never want to leave come listen to an halcha shiur from the rosh hayeshiva come hear a schmooze from the mashgiach rabbi bamberger scharis 7:40 mincha 1:35 marriv 8:45 ( during slichos scharis is at 7:30)

    if u still have anymore Q plz write back i will be here to answer


    signed proud bouchr at the yeshiva


    I used to think your user name was meant to be ironic, after reading your post I see it’s ironic in a totally different way.


    wow! a yeshiva where people accept eachother and even tolerate all different ‘types”??????? SHOCKING!!!!! WHAT A CHIDDUSH!!!!! It’s a neis!!! I am pleasantly surprised and hope other learn from this!!!


    ramateshkolian: it’s not all that uncommon. it’s just not all that israeli either.


    thanks for all your replies, i will IYH check out yeshiva after the chagim to see if its for me


    Rabbi Rudinsky, the Mishkan Betzalel and Hiluchei HaDfa is a gaon betorah and gives shiur in a wide array of Masechtos, including a Kodshim shiur b’iyun at his shul, one of the only rabbonim to do this in this area, other than Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn in Manhattan. He knows Toras ha kulo and transmits this derech to his talmidim, emphasizing Nach, Chumash, and Machshava alongside Gemara B’Iyun and Bekius.


    Yeshivos Ohr rueven is by far the warmest yeshiva around, the yeshiva has the most carrying rabbiem and its a place were all the guys call it a second home. In yeshiva the concept of “shtultz” does not exist regardless if one guy is 25 and the other is merely 14 it doesnt matter there still exists a strong friendship between them. The yeshiva is led by the esteemed Rosh hayeshiva rav betzalel Rudinsky along with Rabbi brodie rabbi bamburger Rabbi medetzky and the most amazing reabbiem possible- ask all happy parents baaal habetim kollel guys and the bachorim they will tell you how much they love yeshiva. Join in the Ohr Rueven Family we can’t wait to have you for more info and shiurim visit .

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