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    someone recently called me for information about a family, i assume they were trying to figure out the frumkeit level of the family, but they asked it in a funny way. They wanted to know if they were “lakewood yeshivesh”. i am having trouble understanding what that means. my be some readers can help me here.


    Hard to explain what that means


    I think it means toona-bagel slightly greeced.


    i am having trouble understanding what that means

    So ask them to specify what they mean. Don’t accept generalities because your definition of a general concept may differ from theirs.

    Bad question: Are they yeshivish?

    Good question: Do they ask their Rebbi for help in major life decisions? Do they only eat cholov yisroel? Do they discourage going to college? Do they only wear black/white?*

    The Wolf

    * I don’t know that these questions are indicative of “yeshivish” behavior. They are used as examples only.


    i think it means that people put too many labels on other people instead of just letting them be who they are and accepting them because they are good people. i know many “yeshivish” people whose families i would not want my children to be involved with because their frumkeit is only on the outside. i also know many “modern” people who other people do not want to associate with, and i think they are wonderful people, inside and out. enough with the labels and the judging. are they frum? are they yirei shamayim?


    I’ll try to explain it simply.

    A Lakewood yeshivish person…

    1. Places learning Torah as the highest priority with anything else a distant second.

    2. Attempts to limit his contacts with the secular world to the minimum.

    3. Does not approve of secular studies that are not essential for parnassah.

    4. Does not attach value to material possessions or accumulation of wealth.

    5. Displays absolute loyalty to the Roshei Yeshiva and mashgichim, their hashkafah, and their guidance in all matters.


    shlomozalman: Perhaps 30 years ago that would be accurate. In reality, some of those are wrong.



    To Just a guy: does slightly-greeced mean that rare category of Lakewood-yeshivish/Salonika-sephardi?


    Was Avraham Avinu Lakewood yeshivish?


    I agree with Anonmrs, and also with Mayan_Dvash. Labels are for canned goods, not people.


    jother- was avroham avinu alive in crazy times like ours were one must go to all lengths to shelter him self from all this filth surrounding us?


    Avroham Avinu was in a world full of Avodah Zarah (idolatry) and all the violence and immorality that flowed from it.


    I think yeshivish is a great word. Like many words, there’s no explanation for it, you just use it when you can. If you know what it means then you know what it means. If you dont you dont. Explain “nice” “down to earth”? There’s no better way of explaining these words than the word itself– that’s why ppl use them rite?!


    If they meant Lakewood yeshivish in penimiyus, then Shlomozalman pretty much nailed it, although a family like that will not have any money. If they meant Lakewood yeshivish in chitzonius, then Shlomozalman’s definition doesn’t apply. There are those who want mechutanim mit gelt but who appear yeshivish.


    Its a nice way of saying, “will they give full support fo the first X years?”, withoiut actuually saying the M word

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