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    What are the best programs?


    you mean to go to college at night? Or during bein hazmanim? or after you leave yeshiva?


    Look into Landers in Queens.

    Not the best college, but depending on what he want’s to go into, it can be perfectly adequate. Learning can be really top notch if he has the self-discipline to make it so, and there are more yeshivish rabbeim there that he can make a kesher with. Also, the college program is usually pretty open to allowing good learners to finish their 120 credits in the beis medrash learning for smichah after they complete there major and the core requirements. There is a mix of guys there, but a significant number of rather yeshivish people, especially in the kollel. If this guy is somewhat open minded and can handle being in an environment with less yeshivish/modern guys (in addition to yeshivish ones) and with more broad-minded rabbeim (though he will be able to hear shiur and speak with a mashgiach with rather yeshivish rabbeim), it might be a great fit.


    How about Brooklyn or Queens College with Yeshiva on the side

    Most of the Students at Brooklyn and Queens are commuters and leave campus after classes.

    Chofetz Chaim and Lander are near Queens and there are plenty of Yeshivas near Brooklyn


    I believe Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz has a wonderful program that does something likes this – going to Queens College NY with Yeshiva on the side as part of official curriculum with rules to keep it very productive.


    Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz is the Grandson of Rav Avraham Joffen and the Great Grandson of Yosef Yoizel Hurwitz the Alter of Alter of Novardok


    Ner Israel, in Baltimore


    “Yeshivish Good Learners Who Want to go to College”

    Isn’t this an oxymoron? I always thought that it was not possible for for someone who wants to go to college to be a good learner and/or Yeshivish!


    Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz is the Grandson of Rav Avraham Joffen and the Great Grandson of Yosef Yoizel Hurwitz the Alter of Alter of Novardok

    Breeding is for horses.


    PBA – either or. In which program does the learning suffer least, what programs are most realistic for such a boy, etc.

    RSRH: That was the first option we thought of. The problem is that you basically have to learn in their yeshiva. What if the boy is perfectly happy in his yeshiva but wants a good degree?

    Zahavasdad – take it for granted that a yeshivish boy won’t go to a place that has girls.

    Seeallsides – where can more information be gotten? what is the program called?

    Ender: A bit out of the way.

    Bowwow: Why not?


    Pascha- I was being sarcastic.

    If he wants to stay in his Yeshiva, Touro is an option. Ohr Hachaim in Queens is also flexible about going to school at night.

    I’ve heard that people are happy with Lander as well.

    There is always….. Gasp! Yeshivas Rabeinu Yitzchak Elchanan.


    Queens and Brooklyn college are ALOT cheaper, Why break the bank


    It shouldn’t be a big problem. Remember what our kids do in high school is the same materials, and at a higher level, than what the goyim’s universities do in graduate school (e.g. classical materials in original language, with medieval texts in the original). If he’s a good learner, it means he can prepare on his own as needed for whatever subject he’s interested in, even a hard major such as ones requiring serious math such as the sciences, engineering or economics. All it takes is brains and hard work, and if he did well learning Torah, college will be piece of cake.

    Of course “easy” schools like Touro are fine if you are rich, but if he’s smart he probably can get a scholarship for a much better school. And of course, there is always the option of distance education or a public university.

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