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    @Haifa and other who agree

    Those who want to stare will do so regardless of a logo or non logo. Perhaps its better rather then have them staring all over to see if the name of the school is on it.


    giggle girl – do you go to the same school as my daughters? 😉


    gefen- your daughters including me? cuz then no!:0)

    m in Israel

    boredinoffice — As has been mentioned on many other tznius threads, obviously for those who “want” to stare, there’s nothing to be done. However it is quite normal that if someone is wearing a solid shirt with one design on it, your eyes will automatically be drawn to the design. This is true even if you are not particularly interested in what the logo is. By placing it on the chest, it is causing many people who are just casually looking at you to find their eyes drawn to that part of the anatomy. As most people do not continue to “stare”, this is not a big issue. But it s not crazy to consider it a small issue, and as the downside in making a change is not much, why not?

    IMO, name tags are much worse, as the point is people do specifically look at them, often repeatedly to remind them of your name.


    I agree with haifagirl and I think it is called a sensitivity. SO, not everyone is holding by that but it is definitely something that some, if not many, people are holding by. Making fun only shows one’s own insecurity. Is there really anything wrong with someone having different sensitivities than you? and yes, there are bigger issues in the world, but we also have to live our lives. Should we not be concerned about which store has cheaper food because we should just be happy we have it. After all, there are people in Africa who don’t….

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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