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    In light of recent comments from people whose initials are K.W. and K.I., I think we as Heimishe Yidden should take the initiative to stop wearing the shoes known as ‘Yeezys’, and ‘Kyries’. These shoes were made and designed by open anti semites. On Cloud shoes? Acceptable. SAS and Geox? Preferable. We cannot sponsor/ hand money to these anti-semites. Somebody recently told me that Adidas recently ended their partnership with K.W. so maybe ‘Feezys’ or whatever they’re called now aren’t that bad. But ‘Kyries’? Terrible! I think somebody needs to get in touch with Ryan Turrell or Yehoshafat Stoudemire so we can have Frum Basketball sneakers that all jews can wear, without having to be worried about whether or not the designer of our shoes is an anti-semite.


    SA makes it clear we shouldn’t dress like the goyim regardless. We shouldn’t have worn them before Ye lost him mind.

    velicher choosid

    We shouldn’t become slaves to pop culture. Nothing to do with those 2.


    welcome to the troll world


    who said you have to wear players sneakers? Cant you just get sneakers that arent based on a person? Besides even is Stoudemire makes shoes, its going to be made by a brand anyway such as adidas or whatever which have Nazi origins.


    Yidden shouldn’t wear styles made for goyim, Goyishe styles aren’t meant to be worn by Yiddishe kinder, let us keep our roots strong and safe!

    Reb Eliezer

    The Chasam Sofer O”CH 159 says that cutting the beard is not goyyish as we happen to wear dark shoes that the galachim used to wear. The Maharik says that the issur of chukas hagoyim is only if a’z is involved.


    then why some Yidden wear hats and coats in the style of old-times non-Jews?! What is the original Jewish levush anyway?


    lifee this no one could drive a ford or wear anything from boss and their are thousands of other products with antisemetic origins


    “we as Heimishe Yidden should take the initiative to stop wearing the shoes known as ‘Yeezys’,

    Absolutely correct. Chazal bring down that an ehreliche yid should only wear certain models of Air Jordans, and even then, only on Yom Kippur and only after confirming they did not contain any leather or wood soles.

    hashem says no

    Yeezy’s all the way!!!!!! best shoes ever!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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