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    Defend Chabad

    Avi k: “DC, you are also wrong. It comes from Belarus.”
    Nope, it comes from Russia, and this a ridiculous argument to have, as you can easily look up these facts on the Internet. I would refer you to Wikipedia though, and then you’ll tell me what you think….


    Avi K

    DC, Lyubavichi is currently part of Russia but it is on the border of Belarus and is part of the ethnic territory of the Belarusian (Ruthenian) people according Yefim Karskiy and Mitrofan Dovnar-Zapol’skiy . At the time Chabad was established it was ruled locally by Ruthenian aristocrats.



    Avi: Belarusian and Ruthenian are two different ethnic groups. The Ruthenians are based mostly on the border area of Ukraine, Hungary and Slovakia.



    Hebrew has been the language of the Jewish people since Moshe Rabbeinu. There are more Seforim in English than in Yiddish. Harvard distributes translations of the Latin commencement address.

Viewing 4 posts - 101 through 104 (of 104 total)
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