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    What do they come from?



    From the Devil.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Gila, there are a number of different types. Some could be a wake-up call, but others are called yisurin shel ahava. Sometimes a person must go through a hardship so that if he still keeps the mitzvos despite the difficulty, he gets a much greater reward, because of the principle of l’fum tzaara agra (in accordance with the pain is the reward).

    There are many tzaddikim who suffered terribly, and these were yissurin shel ahava. Since we never know what the source of a person’s suffering is (only the person himself can know if he did anything that needs fixing), we therefore are never allowed to say or think that because he did x he got y. Only a navi can know the truth about another person. Our job is only to have rachmanus and do whatever we can to help the afflicted individual, never to judge.


    Gila … that is a ridiculously complicated question that is not within the scope of anyone to answer on this site.

    My personal suggestion? Ask a your Rav (or if you are younger) your “rosh yeshiva” and see if he can give you a response

    From what I know, it is a complicated issue that will not be done full justice given the brevity of most comments on this site


    Gilla -I think Yisurim are tests/ opportunities Hashem gives us because he loves us. This may be related to our level of Emunah. I just started reading a book called The Garden Of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush. The book is available in Hebrew, also it has been translated to English. Perhaps reading this book will help.


    1) Hakadosh Baruch Hu misaveh Tefillasan shel Tzaddikim – Hashem desires the Tefilos of Tzadiikim… a prayer from the depths of a tzaddik can be mechaper not only for himself but for all others suffering! The power is beyond comprehension.

    2) I am sure you heard of the maisah (it happened in many versions all with the same point) Reuven had a regular life with hardships and happiness. When his Neshama went up to meet it’s creator, he sat humiliated as his life passed before him as he was judged. He had Chata’im galore and his mitzvos were only minimal and not close to enough to weigh down the scale in his favor. Suddenly Malachim appeared carrying heavy burdens and loading them onto the “mitzvah” or Zakai side of the scale. he realized these burdens were the yissurim he went through in life. slowly slowly his scale was evening out for the good and he realized he might just not have to be considered a “rasha” and go to gehenom (whatever that means)suddenly the malachim had no more burdens to carry. Reuven looked at the scale and cried out so loud…. “Hashem couldn’t You have given me more tzaros!?!? more yisurim?!?!?” He watched in horror as the scale was just tipped a drop to low to the guilty side and just a few more yisurim would have samed him and made him zakai!!! But it was TOO LATE!

    We don’t understand it here (beleive me… I grumble every time I have my share) but it’s a chesed that Hashem sends yisurim because when we dont do a proper teshuva the yisurim aquit us and are mechaper for all of our crimeful aveiros! I baruch Hashem grew up in a home with a motto of “zil zein a kapara” not always is it natural to say when you are the one suffering but its important to bury it in your heart and mind. and NEVER judge someone else who is going through things. as I am typing this my music is playing on my computer and I just chopped that the song its playing is “al tisyaesh- do not give up hope! afilu cherev chada munachas al tzavaro shel adam… even if a sword is on your throat don’t give up….” We never know when Hashem may have rachamim and we have to daven from our yesurim and thank Hashem for the kapara…


    there is a great book called Ner Lergali (in hebrew) may come in a set of 3 books (one on mashiach and another on kedusha). Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Lugasi….if anyone wants to understand more about Emunah and Bitachon, as well as Yisoorim, etc…. and how to deal with different situations all written out in the book. It may mostly be available in israel, but i got mine from Tehilat Yitzhak (718) 633-7000… they can ship it to you if you want


    TOHIGHSCHOOLGUY, since her name is “GILA”, i don’t think she has a rosh yeshiva, but perhaps a seminary dean, or a high school teacher. (actually, if she’s in HS, she shouldn’t be online), so skip that choice. but she may discuss it with her LO rov or rebbetzin


    I just saw an ad in one of the Jewish weeklies for tapes by Rabbi Yosef Veiner. One of them is on yissurim. It’s advertised that the tapes are free for tape libraries, maybe someone with extenuating circumstances who could benefit could get a discount too; they’re not all that expensive to begin with.


    kitzur_dot_net, why shouldn’t high school girls be online?


    That is why “rosh yeshiva” was in quotes … also, an unusual occurrence, but I fully agree with jewishfeminist02 … why should high school girls be online?

    Considering the attitudes in most high schools today to these sorts of questions, the internet could very well be the best place to receive some answers?


    I asked why *shouldn’t* high school girls be online.


    i mistyped … sorry, i meant why shouldn’t as well my apologies


    firstly im not a high school girl anymore and secondly i just wanted to know where they stem from like if they come from me being bad or im getting paid back from a previous life


    ?? ??? ???? ?’ ?????


    GILA- you posted a very difficult question. You will never know in this world what your Yesurim are from. They might just be a test from Hashem to see how well you pass, they might serve as an atonement for your sins or for the sins of your previous Gilgul, or it may be that Hashem is just giving you all suffering here that in the next world everything should be really good for you…

    One can never know, but there definitely is a reason for everything and I give you a Bracha that you should suffer no more and whatever suffering you do go through should only be for the good.

    May you and all of Klal Yisroel know of no more suffering and live healthy, peacefully and happily until 120!


    amen!! thank you

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    torontoHIGHSCHOOLguy–are we being hypocritical here??


    Hypocritical in what sense?

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    i apologize to TOHIGHSCHOOLGUY: i saw your post “why should high school girls be online” and missed your second post correcting “should” with “shouldn’t.”

    may you always have insightful and useful comments to share with us.

    and thank you to jfem for bringing this to my attention.


    Gila, read through Rav Hirsh’s work on tzaros.

    You can find it in Horeb titled “Training Through Suffering”

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