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    Bentch Kvetcher

    Ive probably used the Artscroll Yitzchak Yair Ashkenaz every day since I started Davening, but last night I noticed something I’d never noticed before. The Kuf at the end of Yitzchak is deformed, as the bottom long piece is attached to the top.

    Has anyone ever noticed this?

    Why would they do that?

    Please help I’m having trouble concentrating on Davening


    Sorry I cannot help you; I possess many Siddurim, but don’t possess any Artscroll Siddurim, nor ever utilize an Artscroll Siddur. Even when in a Shul where I need to utilize 1 of their Siddurim,I make sure never to utilize an Artscroll Siddur, since Artscroll cannot dictate Nussach haTefillo for the masses.


    don’t know, but why does this affect your kavanah?

    The Frumguy

    I’m sure the Artscroll folks paid a graphic designer a nice sum to come up with something pleasing to the eye, which it certainly is. Everything they put out strives to be perfect.

    147 –

    I don’t think it’s right or mentchlich to deride Artscroll. They aren’t dictating anything and I would venture to say they are the biggest, most professional, most-used seforim publishers in the world.


    I would think that for 147, anything other than the Redelheim siddur should completely verboten.

    Something like the Kol Rinah or Koren siddurim should not be allowed in any Jewish home.


    The biggest issue I have with the Siddur Yitzchak Yair is the difficulty in differentiating between the standard one and the RCA edition. The Siddur Kol Yakov is much better in this regard.


    I remember pre-artscroll…love the Tikun Meir (nothing against artscroll at all,their items are great)

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    147, I’m really curious as to why you say that. Why does this group of Artscroll-haters exist in the world? Why do you think they “dictate the nusach hatefilla” any more than any other siddur? Just because they’re popular?


    What makes it deformed? If you’re looking for k’sav ashuris, every letter is deformed. If you’re not, then you have the artscroll design of a kuf.


    Something like the Kol Rinah or Koren siddurim should not be allowed in any Jewish home. nishtdayngesheft:- FYI:- The Rinat Yisrael Siddur, and the Koren Siddur are both excellent Siddurim, both of which I possess several copies & frequently utilize. Another great Siddur, is the “Nehalel” Siddur for Shabbos, which I now utilize each & every Shabbos..



    How come i never heard of the names of any of these Iddurimv?

    Where can I find them?


    Any Seforim store in Israel including ones in Meoh Sheorim [see this week’s Parsha for origins of name of Meoh Sheorim] or bookstore at Tachanat Merkazit will gladly sell these Siddurim to you. You can also get “Nehalel” Siddur at YU Seforim sale, only another 3 months to go until February.

    I am going on a solidarity mission to Israel this week, to spite the Arabs, and would be more than happy to pick up these Siddurim for you.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Can you please pick me up an ArtScroll siddur?


    In the USA Judaic store’s they don’t sell these siddurim

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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