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    YNet study: “Wikipedia editors distort the history of the Holocaust”
    “Wikipedia articles on the Holocaust in Poland minimize Polish anti-Semitism, imply that the majority of Jews supported communism and conspired with communists to betray the Poles, accuse the Jews of their persecution – and talk about the collaboration of the Jews with the Nazis”: a study conducted by Prof. Shira Klein and Prof. Jan Grabowski Disturbing findings

    Itamar Eichner| YNet. 10.02.23

    “In the last ten years, a group of Wikipedia editors promoted a biased version of history, which whitewashes the role of Polish society in the Holocaust and reinforces stereotypes about Jews”: these are the words of Prof. Shira Klein, a history researcher at Chapman University in California, who published a study entitled “The Intentional Distortion of Wikipedia for the history of the Holocaust”. The article, written with the Polish-Jewish historian Prof. Jan Grabowski, from the University of Ottawa, was published in the Holocaust Research Journal.


    Wikipedia is a far-left breeding ground. If you edit an article outside conformity with left-wing ideology, your edit will be deleted very quickly. If you persist with non-leftist edits, you will be banned from editing.

    Amil Zola

    Do your schools teach the holocaust per Wiki? I sit on the curriculum committee for my local public schools and we used numerous first person sources as well as some well accepted histories of the third reich when we adopted a holocaust studies curriculum years ago. (FWIW my local public schools do not permit wiki to be cited.)


    Wikipedia is far left but regarding the Holocaust it alowes distortion, since anti-Semitism has been stronger on the far left related/impacted by “Palestinianisn.” (Including HRW’s Omar Shakir; Ilhan Onar, Rashida Tlaib effect Pallywood fake images and Haaretz venom).

    Good to know

    Speaking of lies at Wikipedia here are some notable:
    Zero0000 a terrible administrator.
    Nabkeezy – A Hamas-nick

    Nishidani – pushing anti-Jewish myths, legitimizing them.


    Trick at Wikipedia, you can’t post in certain hotly devoted issues before 30 days and 500 edits. Then, these attack you and the Zero0000 administrator oversees it.

    It has bern going on since around 2007.


    One of the first problems in Wikipedia is who decades what is a RS (reliable source). Despite Haaretz being exposed for its lies (see “Industry of Lies,” PressPectiva site in Hebrew for example) and hate (including Sturmer type cartons), some have decided ovethere to rely on it.


    Possibly this article have changed but current Wiki article on Holocaust in Poland looks reasonable (and you can see that many carefully worded phrases probably resulted from long discussions, as Wiki is supposed to work). See below a couple of references to Communist Jews that indeed reflect Stalin’s policy of appointing Jews and other minorities as fronts of his regime exploiting and increasing the tension. We know similar things from our internal strives in 19th century, when Misnagdim and Chasidim in Vilno appealed to new Russian occupiers for support and were ultimately used by Russia to weaken the communities, or even going back to Pompeii invited to solve fighting between brothers. Hopefully, all these fight focus on real criminals – Nazis and Soviets, rather than creating fight between Jews and Poles who were both the victims.

    Antisemitism …
    Joseph Stalin’s occupation of terror in eastern Poland in 1939 brought what Jan Gross calls “the institutionalization of resentment”,[169] whereby the Soviets used privileges and punishments to accommodate and encourage ethnic and religious differences between Jews and Poles. There was an upsurge in the anti-Semitic stereotype of Jews as Communist traitors; it erupted into mass murder when Nazi Germany invaded Soviet eastern Poland in the summer of 1941

    Local people had witnessed the repressions against their own compatriots, and mass deportations to Siberia,[228][229] conducted by the Soviet NKVD, with some local Jews forming militias, taking over key administrative posts,[230] and collaborating with the NKVD. Other locals assumed that, driven by vengeance, Jewish communists had been prominent in betraying the ethnically Polish and other non-Jewish victims.[231]


    This article has 3 references to Haaretz out of 282, and they are more anti-Polish than anti-Jewish, so this is not a problem for this article at least.

    Good to know

    I mispelled above. So I repost:

    * Zero0000 – administrator.

    * Nableezy – A Hamas-nick (blames anyone to be a SP).

    * Nishidani – recycling old tropes.

    There are others too, but these have been active for many years TOGETHER.


    Re Haaretz, one has to disinguish between Harretz prior to around 2000, and since then, as they didn’t pass the LYNCH-TEST after the anilmalistic lynch in Ramallah my masses of Palestinians (screaming while mutilating bodies) of two Israelis oat their way, originally with civilians clothes..

    Once in a while, Haaretz has an interesting piece but it doesn’t excuse its hate and lies for so long.


    Here are some pointers:

    * Gadi Taub attacks “Haaretz” after his dismissal: “Engages in inciting anti-Semitism”
    The journalist commented on 103FM about the storm that broke out following the cessation of publication of his articles in the newspaper: “The state should not pay a newspaper that is not just criticizing it, it is against it”

    Ma’ariv, 103FM, 26 Jan, ’23.

    Later, he supported the words of Communications Minister Karhi who said that he would stop the publication of government ads in the Haaretz newspaper. “That the state should not pay a newspaper that not only criticizes it, it is against it, that it supplies most of the incendiary material to neo-Nazi websites by defaming us, this is the most cited source on Nazi websites, because it really deals with inflaming anti-Semitism, so why should the state finance the this? Especially in the age of the Internet”

    * Prominent American journalist decries anti-Semitism at Haaretz

    Haaretz reporters blast Atlantic correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg for his condemnation of anti-Zionist opinion piece in the newspaper • Goldberg: When neo-Nazis email me links to Haaretz op-eds declaring Israel to be evil, I’m going to take a break, sorry.

    ILH, 3 Aug ’16

    * Isi Leibler, ‘Shame on ‘Haaretz’, Jerusalem Post, Nov 6, ’07.

    Nahum Barnea, the distinguished Yediot Aharonot columnist, went so far as to describe senior Haaretz journalists Gideon Levy, Amira Haas and Akiva Eldar as failing to pass the “lynch test” – i.e., even failing to condemn Palestinians when they murdered two Israelis in a lynch mob in Ramallah at the onset of the second intifada. More recently, consistent with frequent Haaretz depictions of Israel as a racist entity, the paper’s chief Arab affairs expert, Danny Rubinstein, told a UN body that Israel was indeed an apartheid state. Of course, behind this torrid situation stands the publisher of Haaretz, Amos Schocken, who is personally convinced that Israel does indeed practice apartheid. BUT IT was only recently that Landau threw away all semblance of journalistic integrity and publicly confessed to crossing the ultimate red line that distinguishes reputable journalism from propaganda.

    * Yair Lapid v. Haaretz: A newspaper that has long since gone off the rails – nrg News, 14 Apr, ’16.

    * Jeffrey Herf, Manufacturing Falsehoods, jewishreviewofbooks, Dec. 12, ’18.

    * Hanan Greenwood, Haaretz accused of maligning Haredim in COVID cartoon, Israel Hayom, Jul 19, ’21.

    * Jacob Kory, ‘The pictures in Haaretz’s or Der Sturmer’s exhibition.’ News 1, Feb 22, ’20.

    * Haaretz: Ne’eman called us “Der Sturmer”, INN, 5 Jan, ’12.


    To AAQ. As a whole, Haaretz does more harm than good. Even as it is quoted in this particular piece..


    More on dreadful Haaretz (Haaretzism):

    * Neo-Nazi website shared hundreds of anti-Israel content published on the Haaretz website… This is the website The daily stormer (its name is based on the Nazi propaganda magazine ‘Der Sturmer’). Rotter News, 06.05.20.

    * Chezki Lifshitz, ‘Watch: MK Pindros “Haaretz newspaper spreads lies and there is no compensation here and beeps.” ‘ HaMechadesh, Aug 4, ’20

    MK Pindros in a speech today in the plenum said that “The people of Yisrael Beiteinu spread lies yesterday and saw it as a miracle that the Haaretz newspaper turned this lie into a caricature. Haaretz is not interested in the truth. They published a cartoon about how the ultra-Orthodox bring the corona to Israel, and no one protests.”

    * Storm: The antisemitic cartoon and the answer from Yated – in ultra-Orthodox rooms. BeChadrei, Aug 4, ’20.

    * An old new false claim: “water apartheid”
    Haaretz claims that Israel is not only discriminating against Palestinians in water allocations, it is pursuing a “cruel policy of thirst”. The truth, as usual, is the opposite. 02, 09 ’22

    * Zac Schildcrout, Haaretz Op-Ed Misleads to Defend SNL “Joke”, CAMERA, Mar 10 ’21.

    * Israel Police @IL_police Tweeted Oct 6, 2020:<i>
    Following the false publication this morning in Haaretz, regarding alleged agreements with Hasidim in Jerusalem regarding violations of the law, we would like to clarify: these are false allegations and we reject them outright. The police did not allow the Hasidic representatives to hold mass events during the holiday and did not condition any permission.</i>

    * Sturmer & Shtrasler – big difference?
    Rotter, Apr 15, ’14


    It is why I just ignore any Haaretz results on Google or I add the hyphen like this: <u>-haaretz</u>
    to exclude it.

    The same as I ignore Iranian linked (at least 3) sites when I search about its oppression, massacres.

    Good to know

    A bit about administrator Zero0000 :

    If one starts from his early activities. In 2007, (10 years before the pictures of the Palestine – pab-Arab, pan-Islamic leader Mufti in concentration camp with Nazi officials became public and in 2021 Schwanitz elaborated in details about it in Tablet Magazine titled “Photographic Evidence Shows Palestinian Leader Amin al-Husseini at a Nazi Concentration Camp”) as Zero0000 (with others), was very active in discrediting Morris (Moshe) Perlman and Joseph Schechtman (as well as Joan Peters), became very angry as a rather anti-Israel liberal author, Robert Fisk wrote this in his book:

    Robert Fisk: “The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East,” 2007, Chapter eleven:

    But amid the evil of the Holocaust, Haj Amin’s moral position seems untenable. There is, too, in the archives of the wartime BBC Monitoring Service, a series of transcripts from Nazi radio stations that cast a dark shadow over any moral precepts Haj Amin might hace claimed. Here he is, for example, addressing a Balfour Day rally at the Luftwaffe hall in Berlin on 2 November 1943: “The Germans know how to get rid of the Jews . . . They have definitely solved the Jewish problem.”
    And on Berlin radio on 1 March 1944: “Arabs, rise as one man and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases [Allah], history and religion.” On 21 January that year, Haj Amin had visited Ante Pavelic’s ferocious Fascist state of Croatia—which included present-day Bosnia— where he addressed Muslim recruits to the SS with these words, so sharply in contrast with sentiments expressed in his postwar memoirs: “There are also considerable similarities between Islamic principles and National Socialism, namely, in the affirmation of struggle and fellowship. . . in the ideas of order.”

    He even played a role in fomenting hatred between Bosnian Muslims and the largely Serb-led partisan force fighting the Germans in Yugoslavia, an anger that burst forth again in the atrocities of 1992.

    On 26 May 1944, the BBC Monitoring Service recorded Haj Amin describing Tito as “a friend of the Jews and a foe of the Prophet.” In 1943 he received from Heinrich Himmler, the architect of the Holocaust, a telegram recalling for him that “the National Socialist Party had inscribed on its flag ‘the extermination of world Jewry.’ Our party sympathizes with the fight of the Arabs, especially the Arabs of Palestine, against the foreign Jew.”
    Radio Berlin later reported that Haj Amin had “arrived in Frankfurt for the purpose of visiting the Research Institute on the Jewish problem.”

    Did Haj Amin know about the Jewish Holocaust? According to his most meticulous biographer, Zvi Elpeleg—a former Israeli military governor of Gaza who is respected as a historian even by Haj Amin’s surviving family—”his frequent, close contacts with leaders of the Nazi regime cannot have left Haj Amin with any doubt as to the fate which awaited the Jews whose emigration was prevented by his efforts.” In July 1943, when the extermination camps were already in operation in Poland, Haj Amin was complaining to Joachim von Ribbentrop, the German foreign minister, about Jewish emigration from Europe to Palestine in the following words: “If there are reasons which make their removal necessary, it would be essential and infinitely preferable to send them to other countries where they would find themselves under active control as, for example, Poland. . .” Before his death, Haj Amin was to write that “the Germans settled their accounts with the Jews well before my arrival in Germany,” a statement that is factually and historical untrue…

    Alia al-Husseini, Haj Amin’s granddaughter, recalled for me how her grandfather, in his last years, spoke of Hitler’s true aims. “He said that after the Jews, the Germans would destroy the Arabs— he knew this…


    So, Zero0000 wrote that he’s going to write to Fisk about it…he even stated that he “has” the files and that the Mufti (supposedly) “didn’t” say that. When asked if he could prove anything, he, of course, didn’t.


    This is to get an idea, where comes from.


    Haaretz part 3:

    * Hezkel Laing, Why do neo-Nazis love ‘Haaretz’? JNS, January 16, ’22 

    * ‘Haaretz disseminates lies on Haredim.’ israelnews247, Oct 3, ’22.

    * Hours before the attack in Bnei Brak: a venomous and delusional headline in Haaretz
    “I wonder what would have happened, if instead of those hiding in the restaurant in Hadera, there had been some yeshiva students who specialized in Torah studies sitting there. Would even then the event have ended with only two dead?”, the delusional question and dripping with real anti-Semitism was asked yesterday by the commentator of the Haaretz newspaper To his readers, some of them may even be potential terrorists, since a few hours later, two of the citizens of the city of Bnei Brak were murdered in a brutal attack

    Hezki Neiman, Behadrei, 27 Adar 5782. 03 30 ’22 08:09



    Haaretz Part 4:

    * Lefty journalist Haviv Rettig Gur, exposed Haaretz’s fake drama fakse terminology, reminds what has betn saud that it uses (fake) terms like “fascism” for clickbaits and it’s pur hype drama. [Haviv Rettig Gur, FB post January 28, 2016 at 12:45 PM].

    * The Haaretz team, which preaches peace with the enemy, carries the banner of hatred towards its people

    Amos Schocken (Photo: Flash 90)
    Yossi Klein is not the issue, but the fact that in Haaretz it is allowed to write about Jews what is forbidden to write about terrorists. A self-respecting newspaper does not publish everything that freedom of expression allows to say.
    Kalman Liebskind, Maariv, Apr 15, ’17

    * Gilad Arden – Haaretz newspaper is disconnected from reality in Israel.
    [On FB, March 27, ’17].

    * ‘The People vs. Haaretz. L’ By Shmuel Rosner
    The New York Times, May 11, ’17
    TEL AVIV — Haaretz is an Israeli newspaper. Admired by many foreigners and few Israelis, loathed by many…

    * Begin annexes the Golan to cancel the peace agreement with Egypt [sic] – Fake News in Haaretz
    Conspiratorial nonsense in the Haaretz newspaper
    Uri Heitner, The Begin Center, September 17, ’17.

    * ‘Haaretz newspaper suffers from auto-anti-Semitism.’ INN, 27 Aug ’17 .

    * Haaretz’s Textbook Case of Media Bias | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner, Sep 27, ’17

    * Are Beatles to Blame for the Occupation?
    Yes, says a Haaretz writer. Sgt. Pepper, apparently, is to blame for the Six-Day War.
    Liel Leibovitz, Tablet Magazine, June 13, ’17

    * Play: Anti-Semitic incitement or an excerpt from an article in Israel?
    Srugim, Apr 13, ’17.
    Following the column of reporter Yossi Klein from Haaretz newspaper…

    * The HAARETZ has turned from just a racist newspaper into an antisemitic pamphlet.
    The same demagoguery of Schocken the father on the eve of the Six Day War also characterizes Schocken the son. Yossi Klein should have given the balance and sanity after the generation of veterans left, but it turns out he just wants to be famous.
    Amnon Lord, Makor Rishon, Apr 13, ’17



    Haaretz Part 5:

    * ‘Who do you call Nazis?’
    It’s scary how much the Nazi David Duke loves certain Jews. Everyone (!) Belongs to the left. None of the “handful” to which I belong and from whom Garbuz and his friends are so reluctant. On the use of comparisons to the Nazis and on the bitter truth of the disqualified…. I have heard that intellectuals and in general people who think they are “thinkers,” [HA’ARETZ] tend to compare me and my friends to the Nazis, according to at least one newspaper in the country, which is incidentally partly owned, by a Nazi family in the past…
    …in which a spontaneous salute to guests from Germany is reasonable. The leftist logic of sticking a nickname “Nazi” to anyone who opposes fans of this declared Arab Nazism.’
    Alon Dahan, Maraah Magazine, March 21, ’15.

    * ‘Analysis: Can Ha’aretz Be More Racist than Donald Trump? You Betcha.’
    By David Israel, Tge Jewish Press, -4 Sivan 5776 – June 10, ’16.

    * Ayelet Shaked v. Haaretz.
    The Minister of Justice attacked the newspaper following an opinion column that a judge called an “international criminal” – Shaked: “Haaretz newspaper is a mouthpiece of incitement.”
    By Israeli Hayom, June 10, ’16.

    * ‘U.S. Ambassador Slams Haaretz Writer for ‘Har Klalah’,’ Hamodia, Feb 9, ’18.

    * ‘ “Defamatory lie”: Makor Rishon correspondent against Haaretz newspaper.’ Kipa, 23 Jan, ’18 –

    * “Incitement to serious murder”
    Storm: Shas chairman Aryeh Deri was presented in Haaretz as a suicide bomber.
    Yair Toker, Kikar haShabbat, 17 Tevet 5778, 04.01.18

    * Amit Segal on Haaretz: “a journalistic trash can”; Shoken: “a liar in the guise of a journalist.”
    The commentator of “The News” [haChadashot] was outraged by a headline of the Haaretz website about the incident in which Palestinians attacked settlers. The publisher of the newspaper did not remain liable, called him a “propagandist” and claimed that it was a mistake.
    Ma’ariv Online, Nov 30, ’17

    * ‘Religious people will receive money to host secular people”: Haaretz newspaper lies
    The newspaper for thinking people published that the Ministry of Religious Affairs would pay families for proper Jewish hospitality. Ran Khoury thought, explaining why this is not true and what the newspaper’s interest is in the conflict between the factions.’
    R. Khoury, Mako, 11.06.17

    * Shlomi Benshabats (on FB)
    Oct.24.17: ‘Haaretz sows hatred destroys the state does not like right-wing religious and ultra-Orthodox Jews, yesterday it was Tzadika Sivan Rahav Meir who took the hit… The loathing and hate newspaper … and most of the things in the article are false.’

    * ‘Fake News: Netanyahu speaks and mocks news in Haaretz newspaper that he will not speak.’ JDN News, Nov 15, ’17.

    * Why did an Israeli newspaper blame black women for long lines at checkpoints?
    November 20, ’17 · by Seth Frantzman. ·

    * ‘Before a defamation lawsuit: Nava Boker demands an apology.’ Srugim News, Nov 23, ’17. / Nava Boker threatens to sue Haaretz: I never said of Rivlin a “stinking traitor.” Deputy Speaker of the Knesset: “The newspaper and commentator Zvi Barel mislead the public and attribute to me serious things that I allegedly said against President Reuven Rivlin. There is no connection between the things attributed to me and the truth, and if necessary, things will be clarified and clarified in court. ”
    Noa Price, Walla!, November 23, ’17.

    Good to know

    Thanks toshma, I’m saving these. Many pieces are in Hebrew.


    To @Good to know:

    These are in Hebrew:
    -Makor Rishon,
    -Kikar haShabbat,

    INN (IsraelNationalNews) and ILH (IsraelHayom) have an Hebrew version, not all articles have been translated in its English version.



    Haaretz Part 6:

    * Like That? To shoot an “innocent” terrorist!?
    What will Haaretz newspaper call someone who appears to be a terrorist, armed like a terrorist and trying to infiltrate a Jewish settlement? “Palestinian”.
    Shlomi Ben-Meir , Presspectiva, 14.02.23

    * CEO of Netzah Yehuda Association: The headline in Haaretz is simply a lie, fake news, a complete invention.
    Channel 7, 9th in Tevet, 5773. 2.01.23

    * ‘Haaretz’: Demanding that the Arab citizens of Israel not support terrorism is a “fascist[sic] act”
    According to the newspaper, the state’s insistence on a basic law prohibiting support for terrorism is “denying adequate representation” to all Israeli Arabs
    Hanan Amior, Presspectiva, 06.02.23.

    * Taub to Channel 7: I don’t read Haaretz because of nausea.
    Dr. Gadi Taub reacts to his dismissal from Haaretz: a disgusting newspaper, a mouthpiece of the oligarchy that defends minority rule against democracy.
    Shimon Cohen, 25.01.23. /
    Dr. Gadi Taub: ‘”Haaretz” is an anti-Semitic newspaper
    Dr. Gadi Taub in an interview with Orna Yashar a day after the Haaretz newspaper decided to stop publishing his column.’
    Tov News Staff, 1.26.23.

    * Time Contributor Gaslights HonestReporting After Claiming Ben-Gvir ‘Visited Al-Aqsa Mosque’
    Akiva Van Koningsveld, HR, January 15, ’23.
    In a hyperbolic opinion piece for Time Magazine, titled “Israeli Democracy May Not Survive Netanyahu’s New Government,” Brooklyn-based Haaretz contributor Etan Nechin has a go at members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recently-formed government, including National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir…’

    * Haaretz, Walla sued for NIS 350,000.
    Chotam, Bochrim B’Mishpacha organization sue news orgs for defamation for claiming they are politically affiliated with Noam party.
    Israel National News, Jan 1, ’23

    * ‘Israel Hayom journalists against Haaretz: “Poor mind engineers”
    Although it is the party with the most functions in Israel that continues to hold primaries, the Haaretz newspaper chose to focus on the leader Netanyahu, and were slammed… Gideon Levy and Haaretz “fake news gang”…’
    Ice staff, 12/8/22.

    *The knitted journalist against Haaretz: “The home of the anti-Semites.” Kipa News, 10/27/22.

    * An article in ‘Haaretz’ presents settlers as eating Arabs. Yonatan Gottlieb, 1 Cheshvan 5783, 26.10.22.

    * ‘Haaretz must register as a body that is involved in elections’
    RZ demands: Haaretz must register as a body that is involved in elections. The letter written to the newspaper’s publisher claims that the paper publishes propaganda for specific parties and against others.’
    Hezki Baruch, Israel National News, Oct 2, ’22.

    .* Journalist Yinon Magal:
    ‘The insolent Haaretz reporter, Hagar Sheizaf, told an IDF soldier at a checkpoint in the south of Mount Hebron: “on your d#ck that I wait here for an hour and a half, because you’re in the army, so your time has no meaning.” She had a lot of patience for the Arabs, less for the IDF soldiers. She probably thinks they work for her.’
    On Twitter, Sep 21, ’22.

    * Ben Gvir was defamed and threatened with a lawsuit – ‘Haaretz’ deleted and apologized.
    News 0404, 08/24/22

    * The Arab-Israeli activist against Haaretz journalists: “inciting against Israel.”
    Tom Kleiner, Now14, 12 Av 5782 (08/09/22)

    * Haaretz admires terrorists and condemns Israel for their elimination.
    A terrorist who played a key role in one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in the history of the conflict is portrayed as a noble intellectual. Israel, which apparently eliminated him, is portrayed as having assassinated him for no reason.
    Hanan Amior, 07/17/22.

    * Globes publisher in a sharp attack on Shoken and Haaretz: “You utterly went too far.”
    The publisher of the economic newspaper Globes, Alona Bar On, opposes the words of Haaretz publisher Amos Shoken who attacked the kippah wearers … and even added that his words allow his journalists “to write without their restraints. This is not journalistic independence , this is anarchy.”
    ICE staff, 5/31/22.

    * Haaretz Publisher: “The kippah wearers are the carriers of the most serious [verbatim from Haaretz:] disease[sic]” – Now 14, 29 Iyar 5782 (30/05/22).

    * It took “only” 20 years: the High Court finally stopped believing fake news!
    Regavim, May 8, ’22

    * ‘Ethical Court: Remove racist article by Uri Misgav.’
    States: Misgav’s article in the Haaretz newspaper against the ultra-Orthodox in the midst of the Corona was racist and inciting and called for a civil war – harshly criticizes the newspaper’s refusal to respond to the substance of the matter…The article was published in February 2021 under the heading “Where is the left that ignited a secular intifada?” According to the complainants – Elad Tzadikov, CEO of Ofek Hasbara Yehudit, and Shai Glick, CEO of B’Tselem,..
    Itamar Levin, News1, 29.04.22.

    * ‘MK Distel is suing journalist Haim Levinson.’
    …according to Distel, the “fake” tweet posted on Twitter by Levinson led to an “unimaginable amount” of curses and insults against her…
    Roi Shusha, Now14, Nissan 30, 5782 (01/05/22).

    * ‘ “If there were yeshiva students”: a storm following a column in Haaretz.’ Srugim News, 29.03.22. /

    – “Hopefully now that an ultra-Orthodox has been killed, Shtrasler has calmed down from the blood flowing like water.”
    Netanyahu: “Israel in the midst of a dangerous wave of terrorism that we have not seen for many years” – Bennett: “Israel is facing a murderous wave of Arab terrorism” – Yoaz Handel: “We are in the middle of a war. These are the most difficult moments for the nation ”- the reactions in the political system to the massacre in Bnei Brak.
    MK Moshe Abutbul of Shas responded on Twitter: “The people of Israel are in pain, a shocking attack, God, the blood of his slaves will be shed, Amen. Unfortunately and our shame, Bennett = 10 degrees to the right has not yet responded. Or is it just because of his constant fear of Abbas & Co. in the coalition.
    “I hope that now that an ultra-Orthodox man has been killed, the journalist Nehemiah Shtrasler from the (Am) Haaretz newspaper has calmed down from the blood flowing like water.”
    Aryeh Rivkind, Charedim10, 27 Adar 2, 5763 / 29.03.22.

    * An old new false claim: “water apartheid[sic].”
    Haaretz claims that Israel is not only discriminating against Palestinians in water allocations, it is pursuing a “cruel policy of thirst”. The truth, as usual, is the opposite.
    Hanan Amior, 02/09/22.

    * “Settler Violence” Scam: False Targeting Leads to False Outsourcing.
    …Haaretz, for example, regularly strikes at residents of Ariel, Ma’ale Adumim and Givat Ze’ev without skipping any provocative superlatives, such as “settlers’ nests,”…
    Or Issachar, Mida, 28/12/21.

    * Haaretz Corrects After Casting Unverified Claim By Christian Clergy As Fact. Tamar Sternthal, Camera, 22 Dec ’21.

    * Amos Schocken, Haaretz publisher: Shalhevet’s parents are guilty[sic] of her murder (Shalhvet Pass HY”D)
    Kipa News, 29/11/21.

    * ‘I have decided to cancel my participation immediately.” ‘
    Benzi Robin, Miriam Agadi, Srugim News.
    MK Zohar decided to cancel his participation in the Haaretz newspaper conference after it became clear that among the funding bodies are left-wing organizations such as the new fund, which has previously been announced that the conference was funded by it.
    MK Miki Zohar from the Likud announced that he was canceling his participation in the Haaretz newspaper conference after it became clear to him that it was funded by the new fund and other far-left organizations such as the Zulat Institute… “I was approached some time ago to participate in the National Democracy Conference … I was recently informed that left-wing bodies such as the New Israel Fund (NIF) that supports despicable organizations such as Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem, are funding the conference, so I decided to cancel my participation immediately.”

    * Tami Arad against Haaretz reporter: “Looted and humiliated Ron Arad.”
    The wife of the navigator who has been missing for 35 years in a scathing column on Facebook: “If Alpher had served in the army he would not have found himself in a life-threatening activity because I find it hard to believe that if he had been educated to be a warrior, Let him think beyond provocation and his alter ego ”
    Ice Staff, Oct 7, ’21.

    * ‘Incitement to violence and terrorism.’
    Demand from the ombudsman: Prosecute journalist Gideon Levy.
    B’Tsalmo organization has approached the attorney general to open an investigation against journalist Gideon Levy following an inciting article in which he wrote that the fleeing terrorists are freedom fighters …
    Elimelech Yonah, HaMechadesh, Sep 10, ’21

    * Yoseph Haddad Tweeted (Sep 9, 2021):
    Reading Gideon Levy’s column in Haaretz. Words that make you vomit. Calling the most daring freedom fighters imaginable for terrorists with blood in their hands is the lowest low there is and a poking the eye for the bereaved families of those killed by these terrorists – in the attack on Line 832, in Beit She’an in 2002 and Eliyahu Asheri who was abducted and killed at 18.

    * Following the investigation against Haaretz: A team of experts in the treatment of abuse has been established
    The journalists’ organization is taking action in light of the exposure against the old newspaper: “We are working resolutely to uproot the effects of abuse and change the organizational culture that is practiced in significant parts of the industry,” who will make up the team?
    Kfir Adar, ICE, 16/8/21.

    * Nadav Eyal: “Roger Alpher is a liar. Haaretz distributes Fake News articles.”
    The journalist attacks the publicist and the newspaper in which he writes and claims “for over a year his writing has advanced almost every finger-sucking article on the corona. It has a great impact and damage. The country needs to shake off this line. And I write this as a reader.”
    ICE staff, 13/8/21

    * ‘HRW director accused of justifying antisemitism on Twitter.’
    By Jeremy Sharon, Jerusalem Post, 19, ’21.
    In response to the massive and biting criticism Roth replied on Twitter, “… the correlation noted in the Haaretz article …”

    * Haaretz: “Antisemitism” – kikar haShabbat
    Jun 24, ’21 –
    Always haredim are guilty? A cartoon against the ultra-Orthodox in Haaretz: “A real lie and incitement.” The Haaretz newspaper published a cartoon in which Gafni, Deri and Litzman are seen …

    Ariel Elharar @ariel_elharar_ on Twitter (July 18, ’21):
    ‘This is the cartoon that awaits us tomorrow in the Haaretz newspaper, police officers look at crowded ultra-Orthodox and do not follow the instructions at the Western Wall. As if there is no limit? As if it is not clear to everyone that this time the morbidity is not in the ultra-Orthodox sector at all? Just vomit from the amount of hypocrisy and hatred.’
    Daniel דניאל Tweeted Jun 24, ’21: ‘The Haaretz newspaper in a repulsive cartoon, the ‘Der Sturmer’ is proud of you.’


    Also, ‘Hamechadesh’ (hm-news המחדש) and Maariv are in Hebrew. Ynet is like IsraelHayom, some are translated.

    Good to know

    Cheers toshma



    Haaretz Part 7:

    Hate and lies, the unreliable source : “Haaretz’

    This part, mostly from Jerusalem Post.


    * ‘Neve Gordon can’t take criticism.’
    Nov 8, ’06, Jerusalem Post…
    professor is denied free speech by a self-hating Israeli academic…

    * Women protest against Ha’aretz prostitution ads.
    JPost.com Staff, Aug 16, ’07.

    Haaretz’ articles seen as ‘nuisance’
    Eric Fingerhut, Jerusalem Post, Sep 7, ’09 — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called two top aides to Obama “self-hating Jews.” All of these reports appeared in Haaretz.
    Are inaccurate media reports hurting US-Israel relationship?

    * UK Jews slam ‘Haaretz’ columnist for book tour
    Jonny Paul, Jerusalem Post, Aug 18, ’10.
    Last year the SPSC hosted what it claimed was a Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration with a Hamas follower who supports suicide bombings.

    It also fabricated a story that it had successfully persuaded a number of Scottish companies to boycott Israeli water company Eden Spring…
    “If you are judged by the company you keep, Gideon Levy has aligned himself with some rather unsavory fellow travelers… It is no surprise that anti-Israel Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy is touring the UK to spread his hatred and misinformation…”

    * ‘Haaretz’ reporter lands in Israel, returns’ stolen files
    Dan Izenberg, Jerusalem Post,October 25, ’10
    Uri Blau to be questioned under caution, faces charges of possessing secret material; lawyers sign agreement, return 1,500 army documents.

    * Terra Incognita: Baseless hatred of the haredim.

    Jerusalem Post, Aug 10, ’11 — Oh, and of course, they are ignorant donkeys who hate Zionism and are … Nechamia Stressler [Shtrasler], the usually level headed…

    * Candidly Speaking: Concerning ‘self-hating Jews’
    By Isi Leibler, Jerusalem Post, June 13, ’12
    Ironically, his interview with Maya Sela appeared in the English Internet edition of the Israeli daily Haaretz, which is probably the most important global media platform promoting the rantings of Jews demonizing Israel.

    * Candidly Speaking: Debasing the Warsaw Ghetto uprising
    Jerusalem Post, Dec 25, ’13 — It has inflicted, and continues to inflict enormous damage on Israel. A most blatant example of Haaretz’s self-hating approach was its vitriolic…
    This unquestionably distorted interpretation of events typifies the historical revisionism to which Haaretz is predisposed, not only with regard to post-Zionism but now also to Jewish history. That such an article is given prominence in an Israeli daily newspaper with a wide Internet English readership reflects adversely on us all…
    Indeed, its online edition now represents one of the principal sources of fodder for global hatred against the Jewish state by the hostile international media and anti-Israeli politicians. It has inflicted, and continues to inflict enormous damage on Israel.
    A most blatant example of Haaretz’s self-hating approach was its vitriolic campaign…

    * Exposing militant leftist propaganda’
    By Ayelet Shaked, Jerusalem Post, July 16, ’14
    Do you really want to continue getting your news reports about my country from writers who view the truth as little more than a needless inconvenience?
    … Haaretz, unfortunately, may look like The New York Times, but it is far from being a liberal, curious newspaper in the Anglo Saxon tradition. Expecting Haaretz to write about a political opponent like myself in an honest, informative—if critical—manner, is a little like expecting Gideon Resnick to offer an unbiased, honest citation from a pro-Zionist post.

    And so, when Haaretz, read by a mere 30,000 Israelis, give or take, says I’m (supposedly) “racist” – I’d look for a more reliable source.

    Then, in a second article, Resnick also sneaks in the dumb female bit: “the 38-year-old Shaked is also frequently the target of subtle sexism, at best referred to as ‘a young and pretty secular woman.’” And the citation is from – you guessed it, Haaretz. In fact, Electronic Intifada and Haaretz are Resnick’s only sources, other than his brutalization of the Elitzur piece.

    * Israeli journalist calls religious Zionists more dangerous than Hezbollah
    By Gil Hoffman, Jerusalem Post, April 13, ’17
    Defense Minister Liberman called for a boycott against Haaretz…

    * Notable German journalist under fire for comparing Israel to its enemies

    “If you are judged by the company you keep, Gideon Levy has aligned himself with some rather unsavory fellow travelers… It is no surprise that anti-Israel Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy is touring the UK to spread his hatred and misinformation…”
    Notable German journalist under fire for comparing Israel to its enemies

    Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post, April 7, ’19

    Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the head of the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post: “Unfortunately Esther Schapira failed to fact check the propaganda claims in the Haaretz article. Haaretz echoes the false claims of an NGO linked to the PFLP terror network (Defense for Children International Palestine). And the ‘evidence’ from the local UNICEF branch (from 2013) is also based on the same DCIP demonization.”

    Steinberg, who is a political studies professor at Bar Ilan University, added “If Schapira is seriously interested in the treatment of minors worldwide, including by Israel, she should look at the facts, and not propaganda. And she should apologize.”

    Esther Schapira, a journalist with the German public television network, Hessischer Rundfunk, tweeted on March 16: “I love Israel and I hate when it is acting like its enemies. Heartbreaking and appalling. Israel jails hundreds of Palestinian boys a year. These are their testimonies.”

    * The hypocrisy of the newspaper “Haaretz”

    ‘The newspaper commentator referred to the news that the Swedish ambassador is not interested in relations with the Swedish Democrats, and presented the neo-Nazi roots of the SD • On the other hand, the “Haaretz” group benefited from the support of the German concern that collaborated with the Nazis, and supports the Holocaust denier who heads the Palestinian Authority.’
    Ariel Kahana, IsraelHayom, Nov 5, ’21

    ” ‘See Entry: Hate.’
    David Grossman needed Kabbalistic terms to express his distaste for the people’s choice
    Yedidya Meir, INN, 12th of Tevet 5783. 5.01.23
    Last Wednesday, the day before the swearing in of the new government in the Knesset, the main headline of the Haaretz newspaper had only one word: “Chaos”.

    * Expressions of hatred and incitement against Jews in the Haaretz newspaper

    A letter to the Attorney General, Yehuda Weinstein, following expressions of hatred and inflammatory words bordering on anti-Semitic style in the Haaretz newspaper.
    Mati David, News1, June 18, ’12.
    …How a senior journalist in Haaretz loses control of reason and normative logic and writes a text of hatred and incitement.
    His words are not a legitimate expression of the so-called freedom of expression and opinion but rather an expression of an extreme anarchist “worldview”, bordering on known anti-Semitic texts, in order to turn Israel into a monster.
    His words are a promiscuous and shocking expression of an Israeli Jewish journalist who makes a connection and connection between the Jewish mind of a Nobel Prize recipient, and the murder of a Palestinian by a Jewish soldier in the IDF. He tries to “explain” that there is a connection between the Jewish genius and the disdain for the human life of the non-Jewish Arab…

    * ‘ ‘Haaretz’: new heights of hatred.’
    One newspaper in Israel is convinced for some reason that the defenders of the Abu Hadir murder are a minority among the Jews, in contrast to the “peace-loving” [sic] Palestinians. Someone out there is using strong stuff
    Hillel Gershoni, NRG, 8.7.14.

    * ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, published by Shoken.’
    Argon Levi, LAVI, Sep 9, 2018.
    Haaretz newspaper publisher Amos Shocken justifies the anti-Semitic display in Khan al Ahmar, and claims that the painting of an octopus with the Star of David is an apt description of Israel’s actions, “which sends arms everywhere in the world.”

    * The Haaretz newspaper presents an editorial dripping with hatred: “The ultra-orthodox are [Haaretz. sic] parasites”
    Kol Rega, Apr 3, ’19 — Haaretz newspaper presents an editorial dripping with hatred: “The ultra-orthodox are parasites”. This morning an editorial appeared in Haaretz newspaper containing harsh incitement against the ultra-orthodox public.

    Good to know

    On the very issue of (some) Polish distortion of the Holocaust:
    Asides from aforementioned Wikipedian (Piotrus, Volunteer Marek) blaming the victims who would so anything to survive

    ‘The fallout from Poland’s misguided Holocaust law.’
    Sharyn Mittelman, The Spectator, 21 February 2018.
    “…more than 200,000 Jews were killed, directly or indirectly, by Poles during World War II.”


    Major War Criminal Responsible for Murder of 100,000 Police Jews Gets Death Sentence
    JTA, August 13, 1948.
    Friedrich Kuczynski, who during the Nazi occupation of Poland was assigned the Job of liquidating the entire Jewish population of Upper Silesia, was sentenced to death in the Sosnowice district court for responsibility for the murder of more than 100,000 Polish Jews


    sounds like the yeshuva world! not the news, ch”v i mean the actuall yeshuva world – lakewood


    So why don’t you sue them at Wikipedia and press charges against them?

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