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    I don’t find them funny at all!! I personally think that yo mama jokes are really silly and not appropriate for frum people- they are all just making fun of people.

    Let me know if you agree.


    I have a guilty pleasure something im not proud of i like helen keller jokes.


    +1. i agree. i find them immature and down right disgusting


    I thought they went out of circulation years ago. People still say these jokes? Its so 90’s lol!

    p.s. I agree with you, they arent appropriate (like most things borrowed from the African Americans in our society!)


    No I dont agree its called laughing for a little and being happy…srry charlie!!


    Oh. I thought this was going to be a collection of yo mama jokes.

    I didn’t click on it until now because they are so lame so I didn’t care.

    But now that I did, I’m still disappointed.

    Yo mama is so fat they use her to make chuck norris jokes.


    I was so excited when I saw this post, I thought it was yo mama jokes! I love them, and they are not making fun of real people. I mean look at PBA’s example that’s not copying real people.


    “Oh I totally agree” Inappropriate!!!!!!

    PS. Yo mama’s so fat when she turned around we threw her a welcome back party.


    You can tell a lot about a person by their choice of humor…


    Yo mama is so fat that when she sat down on a quarta, she squished a booger out of George Washington’s nose.


    +1 BPG. I personally feel like a lot are sick jokes. but i feel that way about racist jokes too, and not everyone agrees with me…


    wow – i am surprised that always run’s joke went up. a little off color imho.

    always: no offense. i’m not chas v’shalom putting you down. it’s just one word in that joke that i was surprised the mods let through.


    Download google chrome. On the google homepage one of the things you can subscribe to is a yo mama joke. Every morning when you open your browser you will be treated to something like, yo mama so old when she was in school, she was making history, or yo mama so short, she plays handball on the curb. or yo mama so dumb, yesterday I saw her laughing and I asked her why, she held up a puzzle and told me, says here 2-4 years, I did it in 3 weeks.


    Yo mama’s so short, you can see her feet on her driver’s license.

    Yo mama’s so dumb, she failed a survey.

    She’s so dumb, she failed a blood test.

    Yo mama’s so old, her birth certificate says expired.

    Yo mama’s glasses are so thick, when she looks at a map she can see people waving.


    Yo mama’s so ugly, the last time she heard a whistle was when she got hit by a train.

    When your mama was born, the doctors slapped her parents.


    gefen was the word squished?

    YW Moderator-42

    I wouldn’t make or laugh at such jokes if they were directed at anyone created in HaShem’s image.


    Just looking at who posts them here and who tells them in real life, I can see who the jokes are appropriate for. Children who have not yet outgrown toilet humor in real life, and self-appointed defenders of the faith on the internet.


    ill be nice…”yo momma so skinny she hoolahoops with a cheerio 🙂 “


    Oh boy do I have a list! I’ll just do a few-

    yo mamma so fat u have to take 2 trains and a bus just to get to her good side

    yo mamma so fat that when she goes to the beach the whales start singing “we r family”

    yo brother so stupid when he went to the super bowl he brought a spoon

    yo sister so skinny her pajamas only have one stripe


    Goq- why culdnt helen keller drive? Cuz she was a woman!

    when helen kellers parents wanted to punish her they gave her a waffle iron-

    One of my guilty pleasures are jokes like these- I feel really bad- but they r really funny!


    They’re just insults that happen not to be directed at anyone in particular.


    WIY so stupid he think “yo momma” jokes just from African American culture. The jokes are basically puns that have been recast as insults and were part of English-speaking culture for more than 100 years. I remember versions of the jokes that preceded the “yo momma” versions that were the same jokes but with slightly different set-ups. And most of the jokes are no more insulting than the stories of the Wise Men of Chelm.

    As for borrowing from African American culture, popular music for the last 150 years has been heavily influenced by African American culture, and in turn, popular music has heavily influenced so-called “Jewish music,” by which I mean that awful stuff recorded by guys names smellky or ichy or dorky and sold in the bookstores that sell siddurs and Talmuds


    Yo momma so pretty the tznius police in Meah Shearim make huh wear a sheitel on huh face.


    yo mama so fat her BMI is measured in acres


    Yo momma so fat, when she sit aroun’ de house, she sit AROUN’ de house!

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