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    To anyone with a modern computer-controlled oven —

    In light of the recent Kol Koreh or prior issur letters against, did you do anything differently this past Yom Tov than before?


    No, because we have an old fashioned pilot light oven/range combination with no electronics at all, which allows the flame to be adjusted as needed on Yom Tov. Believe it or not, they are still made and the cost is about a third of what the “Shabat mode” oven/range combos cost. The only thing missing is a self-cleaning feature on the oven.

    In any case I would ask my rav before taking any action after hearing about a kol koreh.

    Shticky Guy

    which allows the flame to be adjusted as needed on Yom Tov

    The flame may only be adjusted up on Yom Tov, not down.


    Shticky Guy, we have had this discussion before (and I was castigated for mentioning it). While your point is true of ovens made and sold in recent years,that is not true of the VERY old (40-50 years ago) ovens which had the pilot light on contin-uously, and where the flame moved from one part of the stove (the pilot) to the burner. I will not go into the entire science or halachos again, but it was permissible then to adjust the burners, based on mavir, and not m’avrer. The ovens that were made subsequently, had electric ignition for the pilots, and therefore cannot be used in this manner, as they create a new spark each time the oven/burner is turned on. In the case of the older ovens, the spark is not created, because the flame is already burning. It is mearely moving along the trajectory of the gas line. When the burner is shut off, the flame retreats to its original “home” in the pilot, which is Still burning the entire time.

    Charlie, could you PLEASE tell me where I could find such an oven made and sold today? My stove top and wall oven are VERY old and decrepit, but I nurse them along, for exactly the reason you mentioned.


    oomis – Charlie hasn’t been around for a while; this is an old thread. You can find him if you look around the internet though.


    Thanks. I should have read this better.


    in response to Shticky Guy, I wanted to share two comments.

    1) Regarding a modern computer-controlled oven with a Tweaker, Rav Belsky, Shlita, and others permit adjusting the effective temperature of the oven both up and down, using the technique of extending the present phase of cycling. The Torah Technologies Org web site has his ksav hechsher for the Tweaker and more information.

    2) Regarding an old style “landlord oven”, Rav Blumenkrantz zt”l in his Pesach Guide quotes Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l saying “one may shut the gas (for some good reason) on Yom Tov” – please see page 12-438 of the 2004 Pesach guie. He also says for an oven with a gas pilot: “when the flame is on, one may adjust the flame on Yom Tov as deemed necessary.”

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