You’ll wish you davent more for mashiach after he comes. As make supper sing

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    bael teshuva

    As make supper sing lishuna habu b’yerushalayim.


    Would you be kind enough to translate your post about “supper” singing “lishna habu”


    We’re going to wish we did a lot of things differently after moshiach comes.

    One thing to note is that chasidishe seforim say that when he comes, he’s going to comfort us, see at our low madregos and say “oy, look at what the galus did to you.”


    I think the OP means to say, as you make supper, sing Lishana etc

    Sam Klein

    So then what are we waiting for? Why don’t we immediately start doing serious Teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation so Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov?

    We don’t need to wait until C”V our lives are in danger like in the story of Purim to wake us up to return to Hashem with serious Teshuva like Mordechai and Esther decreed immediately upon the decree of the destruction of klal yisroel and as we can currently see the Palestinians and Iran are trying to do this very moment. LET’S SHOW HASHEM THAT WE GET HIW WAKE UP CALL MESSAGE FOR SERIOUS TESHUVA AND ACHDUS and make ourselves worthy for Mashiach to come already


    Many people on this website have called for Teshuvah, but sometimes
    I think that they have only a partial understanding of what Teshuvah really means.

    For example: THE TORAH commands every Jew to carefully avoid ALL
    unnecessary dangers, and commands every Jew to be very careful with his or her health.

    Yet most Orthodox Jews continue to drink SODA, which directly or indirectly causes:
    tooth decay, tooth loss, osteoporosis, obesity, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

    Every time you drink SODA, you harm your body, not just in one way, but in many different ways.
    This is a violation of Torah law. If you drink SODA, then you must do TESHUVAH!


    Square – are you familiar with שומר פתאים ה”?

    Learn some halacha before telling people to do teshuva for drinking soda.


    @Sqaure Root,
    ” THE TORAH commands every Jew to carefully avoid ALL
    unnecessary dangers, and commands every Jew to be very careful with his or her health.”

    One of the leading causes of death is heart attacks, heart attacks are brought on by stress
    one of the biggest causes of stress is a mother in law.

    So instead of railing against the shidduch system you should be very happy that you are single and don’t have to deal with a shviger and you’re avoiding a risk factor for a fatal heart attack RL


    mother-in-laws? sodas? the earthquake obviously rattled a lot of brains !


    I forgot to mention that drinking SODA also causes Kidney Stones [G*D forbid].


    Square root – soda is only dangerous if taken to extremes. Same as alcohol. Same as all things. Soda is not inherently dangerous. It should be enjoyed in moderation as with everything. Eating steak is not bad for you. Eating 10 steaks for breakfast, 10 for lunch, and 10 for dinner will probably result in a heart attack at some point. Everything in moderation. Donuts are not healthy. A single donut will not kill you. Eating nothing but donuts will probably make you fat and then a heart attack. Enjoy life has to offer but in moderation.


    Avira> are you familiar with שומר פתאים ה”?

    you seem to used this several times. I am not sure that a community that styles itself as all-Torah-learning can use this excuse. You seem to be saying that one can be a Talmid Chochom but ignorant in other matters and that’ ok. I don’t think this is what Shmuel thought.


    keith > Eating steak is not bad for you.

    this might be true, but loshon gemora is usually closer to square root. Chochomim recommend and not recommend certain foods for certain aspects and usually do not say – eat the bad ones just a little.


    @keith, how do I get my shviger in moderation?


    I forgot to mention Shvigers cause people to drink and that causes liver cirrhosis.


    Aaa, it’s a halachik principle which permits activities that might be scientifically seen as dangerous but are accepted practice in society. The gemara is saying that danger will not befall people in such a situation, which explains why yidden in Europe weren’t dropping dead all the time from lung cancer, despite having smoked day in and day out.

    Smoking is not considered acceptable anymore, so its dangers have more shlita in the world.

    You’re reading it literally – it’s not saying that one who relies on shomer pesayim Hashem is himself a fool, rather the pasuk means that Hashem protects people from things that should be harmful if they would be communally aware of it, just one of Hashem’s wonders and kindnesses. Talmidei chachamim who were aware of the sakanah of tashmish with meuberes nevertheless did so, because of that shmirah. They weren’t “fools.”


    Avira, there are many cases in gemora when amoraim recommended or not certain foods, that were not necessarily obvious. I am not bringing examples because I presume you would agree. That means that it is not a mayla to rely on ignorance when one can learn better.

    Smoking probably was not a noticeable problem before public health and antibiotics. Before that, people were dying from bacteria and, in cities, from spoiled milk. Smoking was considered healthy from 1500s to 1850s and tobacco has actual effects in attention enhancement (nicotine itself) and some anti microbial and anti fungal substances.


    I agree that if food is found clearly to be unhealthy, it should be avoided, but i do not think one should alter their habits regarding communally accepted practices, like eating cholent and kugel.

    Shomer pesayim would likewise permit, but not recommend, things like soda; i was saying that to forbid it would be against halacha.

    Smoking at this point might be assur, not because of current knowledge but because it’s fallen out of practice.


    @avira, you did not saying anything about the health hazards of a shviger


    We need some definition of pesayim. It seems t be used as “I am such a baki in gemora that I do not have time to learn about health”. Do I misunderstand?

    I would define it as a non-intellectual and disorganized person for whom it is a tzaar to read, and to follow, health recommendations. Anyone who has a sharp mind and a learning seder should be able to do the healthy stuff too. If he does not, he is not a talmid of Rambam or Shmuel …

    We talked before of R Kamenetsky who tried to rely on shomer pesayim on smoking (in 1950s?), but immediately changed his mind when toild that it might affect his memory and, thus, learning. FWIW, current Alzheimer research says that there are no effective late interventions so far, but healthy behaviors (exercise, food) in 40s and earlier, as well as challenging your mind, have effect.

    PS this is written in the healthy spirit of “do as I say, not as I do”

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