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    How can a young guy (upper 20s to 40s age range) find good friends if he’s asocial/introverted and without any friends?


    Everyone has a comfort zone – whether it’s in einyana ruchnius or einyana gashmius – or anything. And we grow by stretching ourselves to enlarge our comfort zone to include things which were previously not in there. It’s easier said than done, but the solution is to open up a little. Do it slowly. It will be rewarding.


    Introduce him to a group of other introverts & and watch what happens. Theres hope!


    There should be friend shadchanim.


    facebook. twitter. local shul.


    I used to be a devout introvert I dreaded simple family gatherings always looking for a place to hide unnoticed I had no friends and desired no interaction with people. Today I am an extreme extrovert the transition was neither fast nor easy, when you first start communicating with people you may worry about saying the wrong thing and be thought stupid or boring or worse, but you have to get over that you have a unique voice don’t be afraid to be yourself. Start small it is not going to happen overnight but with each passing day that you choose to share yourself with the world your confidence will grow. Hatzlachah.

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    read social skills book or go to social skills websites they can be very helpful


    You can write a letter to a local frum publication describing your situation
    and expressing the desire to meet with folks of a similar persuasion.


    Just because you are an introvert doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have friends. It just means that you don’t like the large group. Find someone that needs a friend and be one.


    “Hi, my name is Bob. Do you need a friend? If so, I could fulfill that role.”


    Go to shul. Talk to strangers. Talk to people who aren’t strangers. Doesn’t matter what you talk about, just talk.


    I’m going to second Yserbius. But add that you add in multiple shuls to in your neighborhood. The more people that see you the more likely someone will be receptive. Also shiurim! The guy sitting next to you can be your future bestie.

    Lots of hatzlucha!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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