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    I’m looking at moving out to an OOT community in a few years. Looking at OOT for warm community, affordable prices. Does anyone have any ideas of nice, friendly, frum, communities that they have experience with and like? Not interested in paying NYC prices, I don’t care too much about all the Jewish amenities but I need the basics. We’re a young learning/working family.


    Dallas, TX.


    How about Cleveland, Cincinnati or south bend Indiana? All nice Frum OOT communities with schools and affordable homes. Do some research and I wish you Hatzlacha


    The OU has lots of info on their website about various communities. Google Orthodox Union community fair.


    In a few years? Worrying about it now is a waste.


    I am also looking for an OOT community for my family, although we are probably older than you (since you titled it “young community”. We’re in mid 30’s.

    I think Cleveland, Detroit, Phoenix all offer nice frum communities for a mainstream “learning/working” family with the amenities you’re seeking. There are others but they may be too “Kiruvey”(very high concentration of balei teshiva) etc, I don’t know if that bothers you though.


    Atlanta for example seems like a beautiful spiritually growing community. I personally cannot move to a place where they have Purim parades etc and the Rabbi AND Rebbetzin are dressed up like Batman or something like that etc. I’m just giving one example but for me, although it really seems like a beautiful community, it’s not for me.


    Does anyone know more about communities in Florida that are affordable and are not entirely modern orthodox? Or about St Louis, MO?


    Daytona Beach, FL is great, vibrant, growing community. It’s about 4 hours north of Miami. It has everything you need. An amazing shul and anash, schools, 2 kosher restaurants, very affordable housing, very safe town, no crowded and congestion of South Florida. For anytime it’s needed, there are direct flights to JFK at the local airport on JetBlue. I highly recommend for anyone looking to move to Florida and does not want to go to Miami.

    UncleMo, the community is based around Chabad, but there is a great variety of Jews.


    pheonix has scorpions. just saying:)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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