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    Miracles in our Times: Rabbi Tzion Menachem Coming to Town

    Here’s one part:
    He told us that we had closed a window in our home 2 years ago and that is what caused all the problems. With shock we recalled that most certainly we had left a hole in the wall but we had stuccoed on our home two years ago and sure enough the hole which once was, was no longer.

    With bated breath I quickly called someone down to drill a hole in my wall. Unbelievably very soon after the hole was drilled my daughter started gasping and crying as the sensation began returning to her legs. With tears streaming down our faces I together with my family watched her stand up and walk on her own.
    (end quote)

    Does this refer to a zecher l’churban?

    One should not cover a window with a wall (when remodeling etc) without leaving a hole in the wall to the window (I was told that a straw inserted was enough) because of shin daleds (if I remember correctly) who rest/reside near the windows.


    Thanks. (I’m still interested in what people think of such ads.)


    yeh heard that shin dalet thing also. And yeah what are you gonna do about the ads.

    Even for stam kosher food its gonna be tuff soon. Hope not but you heartd it here first, the frum community is getting marketed to and people will start thinking happiness can only be attained through the extravagance portrayed.


    It’s based on the will of Rebbe Yehuda HaChasid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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