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    You need to change your outlets for Pesach. Think about it. Let’s say you are baking a cake. You plug your mixer into the wall outlet. Power comes from the substation to your house through the outlet’s live wire to power the mixer, which contains chometz, then back out the neutral wire. A Ben Torah who should be more machmir will have separate circuits for Pesach and Mitzvah min Hamuvchar will use a generator for all 8 days, just in case any chometzdik energy was backfed onto the grid.



    4th January 2014

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Toothpicks are great for cleaning sockets.

    Trust 789

    The OP is funny. Nevertheless, no one should take it seriously. It is VERY dangerous to insert anything into your outlets other than a plug.

    In fact, I think this thread should be removed! Don’t give anyone ideas.


    Trust look at the date it was posted


    DY: you can’t clean the socket, you need to fully Kasher it. It’s easier and cheaper to have a set of Pesachdik outlets. There may be a shita that holds, if you plug a light bulb – incandescent preferably, which is hard to find these days, it might be a way of kashering that outlet.



    My brother-in-law’s chavrusa’s cousin’s imaginary friend got a psak from Moshe Rabbeinu that the only way to kasher an outlet is to soak it in boiling water, then scrub it with your hands.

    Little Froggie

    I clean it with a screwdriver an<<ZAPPPPP>>


    Thank you all for the great advice.

    My outlets are done.

    Next I’m climbing the tree in my yard to check the bird’s nest that was built there recently for crumbs and whatnot.

    Any suggestions for cleaning a nest?


    I install new toilets every year right before Pesach. I won’t eat in someone’s house unless I know the toilets have been changed.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    M_D, you have to clean it before doing hagalah.

    We plug a reverse polarity high power generator into each outlet to kasher the electricity.

    K’bolo kach polto.


    You especially have to clean them if you have used them to power your computer for internet use!!


    the real march madness


    takahmamash – Are you Rebbetzin RLZ…? 😉


    I get the impression that “Rebbetzin RLZ” is actually ridiculing

    some people, and not simply trying to be funny.

    (And according to one anonymous person, “IRL she’s not charedi.”)

    Then again, some material from a certain other

    comedian [not on YouTube] who is known to be frum also

    seems to me to be over the line, so I could be mistaken.

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