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    Moshe Rabbeinu never called Dasan or Aviram a rasha.


    the tayva was not a house floating in water



    In the Torah that he wrote, he actually DID call one of them a rasha.


    Esther wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the land.


    The Torah that Hashem told him to write? Also, I meant at the time of the incident. Good one though!

    Everyone else, before making sarcastic comments, go look at the passuk and then call your first-grade teacher and yell at her for being uneducated.


    When you’re done, you can check to see if you were more or less enlightening than this.


    My first grade teacher never said, “and then, kinderlach, Moshe Rabbeinu said, ‘Dasan and Aviram, you are reshaim!'” She told us the story and that they were reshaim. Which, as Little Froggie said, is in the Torah.

    So she will be able to sleep in peace tonight. Or grade alef-bais worksheets or whatever it is first grade teachers do.

    This is just nitpicking already.

    Especially when you’ve got so much better stuff… Yehuda and Tamar, anyone?

    So it’s not really the teachers being ignorant so much as their trying to keep the kids that way.

    Most “ignorant” stuff I’ve heard teachers say is more just mixing up names in their heads. (Okay, so I’m being dan lekaf zechus here, but isn’t that the general idea behind life?)


    Are we to assume that if 20 years later you don’t remember learning something correctly at 6 it has to be because of the teacher? I don’t know too many first graders who can retell what they had for lunch two days later.


    My teachers were wrong about everything.


    Saying the words “Hashem S’fasai Siftach Ufi Yagid T’hilasecha” while taking 3 steps back and 3 steps forward.



    It’s the way mefarshei HaTorah write ??? ???? ???.

    And every one else, it’s true. A teacher should strive to be completely truthful, accurate. More than scholastic knowledge is being implanted, ingrained. A teacher’s constant quest for the absolute truth will forever be etched in a young student’s conscious.


    Ready a big one? They tell us as kids that Chava was taken from Adams rib. That’s completely false and am haratzus.


    Live right

    You are right one only raises him or herself by kaddosh and not at the end of shemoneh esrei.

    Thank Hashem for English translations of the Chumash otherwise some people would never know what really happened to Dina, or how Avimelech knew that yitzchak and rivka were married or the whole story of Yehuda and Tamar. Its ridiculous how the Torah could say it but the Rabbeim may not translate and tell us simple stories in Chumash. They wasted great opportunities of teaching us about these matters in a Kosher way as opposed to how most kids learn about these things.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    How many things which your teachers taught you were correct?

    For me, 99%, at least. Pretty good, I would say. You can knock all you want, and some things are cute, but let’s not forget to have proper hakaras

    hatov to our teachers, the vast majority of whom are extremely devoted and underpaid.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    WIY, I guess you’re not in chinuch. There’s a mesorah for how these things are taught, and what to teach at what age.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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