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    It seems that everyone lies about pretty much there any way to keep the truth in this dark world of sheker?

    Is lying essential to survival in this world?

    If I try to keep the emes in the world will I get swallowed up by the evil world of sheker?



    Don’t we spend like 1/3 of our lives lying [down]?

    Don’t astronauts sleep vertically? Like velcro-ed up or zipped up to a wall?

    If everyone slept vertically, everything would be solved!

    We shall all aspire to be terrestrial astronauts!



    If you don’t understand the nature of lying, you are probably autistic.



    Don’t give up! the truth is everlasting. And you arent alone, there are others that seek and attempt to hold on to the truth. Bitachon and emunah help, namely that whatever it is that a person wants to benefit from lying really comes from above. If he’s supposed to get it he’l get it, highly doubt lying is hishtadlus. Have a shiur on emes in my car that’l prob help but didnt listen yet.


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I ask this question all the time. so painful. I agree that calling on Hashem and strengthening your emunah is all that’s left…..



    Who lies?!


    If I try to keep the emes in the world,
    will I get swallowed up by the evil world of sheker?

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know what that means.



    ” If he’s supposed to get it he’ll get it, highly doubt lying is hishtadlus.”

    oy: I actually just heard a shiur that said like in shidduchim since everyone lies or “twists the truth” you’re allowed to lie because everyone “knows” that you’re lying…
    Fundraisers for yeshivas are allowed to lie to get money for yeshivas…
    Everyone is allowed to lie to “keep the peace”

    Rav Moshe Feinstein brings down the question about why it’s ok to “lie” by a dinner about the guest of honor. He also addresses the issue of flattery (chanifa) and he answers that it’s not a problem because the guest of honor doesn’t even believe it himself!!!

    That’s the kosher lying which I don’t have a problem with because that’s the halachah..but people stretching those rules (halevai) and flat out lying about everything else…



    You’re also allowed to exaggerate a bit when giving a hesped at a levaya.


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Absolutely not.I learned that non truths at a levaya hesped bring tremendous suffering to the mais. That may be one of the reasons that tsaddikim will forbid a hesped.



    The hesped should be appropriate to the deceased; one may exaggerate slightly.
    Rosh, Moed Katan 3:63

    There is usually a bit more to praise about the person than we necessarily know, so that, on the contrary, adding a bit makes the tribute closer to the truth.
    based on Taz, Yoreh Deah 344:1



    Interesting J.

    Syag heard like that also from a choshuveh person and he said that was indeed a reason why some dont want hespedim.

    Bmyer, i hear. Dont fully know how that fits in line with what im saying but if they say so its true.
    Think theres a famous thing from rav dessler that when youre allowed to lie then its called emes but to my knowledge big people were machmir to try to keep it close to the truth and idk if everyone agrees with him.



    Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 344:1:

    “it is prohibited to exaggerate his praise excessively. One mentions his good qualities and adds a little…”

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