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    i am here

    I am looking for an easy white cake recipe that you do not have to seperate eggs or do anything to hard. just to dump in some ingedients and get a yummy cake.


    On yontiff we don’t have time to make fancy cakes.

    Just combine some flour, oil, sugar, eggs, and chocolate chips in a bowl, have your 5 year old mix it until it is sticky, and put it in the oven until the smoke alarm goes off.

    Put in raisins if you’ve already made potato kugel in that bowl.


    2 cups white sugar

    1 cup margarine

    4 eggs

    1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    3 cups all-purpose flour

    1 tablespoon and 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

    1 cup juice or parve milk

    mix everything together bake in 2 9×9 pans,if you want to be extra fancy lekovd yom tov, poke holes in the top of one cake spread with defrosted store bought sorbet top with next cake frost with remaining sorbet, freeze till ready to serve


    Duncan Hines cake mix sounds perfect for you! they are delicious!!! and a no brainer!!!



    sounds yummy! just like me!!!!!!!


    rockymountains – that sounds great! thank you

    am yisrael chai

    Is there anything comparable for the health conscious?

    Shticky Guy

    I love getting yummy stuff for yum tov. Especially coming just after the yom tough of yom kippur

    am yisrael chai

    “I love getting yummy stuff…”

    Me, too, but it doesn’t love me back enuff…

    that’s why I need a healthy lookalike, if there’s such a thing…


    AYC – its like my father says: If its yummy its not healthy! 🙂

    i am here

    Thank you! All for ur ideas I think that pba is the best one.

    Rocky mountains : thank you for the recipe sounds gr8 nice and simple

    I do not like Duncan hines it taste to fake but thanx anyways


    i use a similar recipe to rocky mountain but i use a cup of oil instead of margarine and put either sprinkles or colorful chocolate chips in the mixture for some added taste and color. You can even mix this recipe with 2 forks and it comes out great.


    Is there anything comparable for the health conscious?

    Yes, there is. After you serve it, the remaining crumbs on the plate will be a perfect low calorie dessert. 🙂

    Seriously though, if you want you can make some changes to it and it would probably come out a little different but still good.


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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