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    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Why are they all horrifying? I get depressed just scrolling down the page!

    TS Baum

    Your right. But, many people get helped by it. If they weren’t there, then all this chesed would not be.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Maybe, but to people who are willing to give, it should be effective even if they were toned down a bit. And if you really think that people won’t give unless they know every gory detail, you could still tone down the ads on the homepage, and have all the disturbing parts there once the link is clicked on.


    Whoever is making those adds knows exactly what they up to.

    mesivta bachur

    My not-frum grandfather used to think talmid chacham meant a sick or poor person from all the emails he got to “save a talmid chacham with six kids and no kidneys” I think he was kind of horrified to hear his grand kids saying they want to be a talmid chacham when they grow up.

    Amil Zola

    I use charity navigator when I’m choosing to donate. It give pretty concise info as to $ collected, $ spent on management/administration and how much goes to the recipient.

    bored_teen 💕

    I understand the marketing strategy of pulling at people’s hearts but I feel like sometimes it’s a little too far. (Feel free to disagree!)


    First, ads pay for this site and hard work by Mods reading all our posts.

    Second, the ads that stay are the ones that work. So, the ads reflect the tastes of the community here.
    Same as ads you see in your browser in general reflect your own browsing history. You read lashon hara, and that is what they sent you.


    Why are we fortunate enough to be confronted at dinner time each evening during the network evening news program with a flood of ads addressing every medical and physiological malfunction that is known to medical science and the new miracle drug that will have you “dancing”, “hiking”, playing with the grandkids, or doing other stuff the Mods prefer I not mention. Jessie James, when asked why he robbed banks, responded “because thats where the money is”. Same for Ad placement. The network evening news has that older demographic dealing with all the medical issues the Ads claim to cure or mitigate. YWN has a demographic of frum yids who are baalei tzadakah.

    Reb Eliezer

    When we hear those medical ads, we get turned off when also hearing all the side effects which might cause ch’v death. The Rabbenu Bachaya explains that by Hashem it says rofecha with a ‘feh’ whereas by a doctor a ‘peh’ as the cure of Hashem is light but the doctor’s is harsh. Also a doctor has a double expression verapo yerapeh. I heard from one doctor that by Hashem there are no side effects and by another doctor that no second opinion is required.


    A lot of the ads are based on other web sites that each of its visits. YWN does not choose all the ads which run.

    And, Gadolha, it was Willy Sutton (not Jesse James) who said he robbed banks because that’s where the money is. Sutton does not get enough credit for his profound wisdom. I guess it’s because of those people he killed.


    Huju: Thanks for noting my unforgivable mis-attribution. How could I ever confuse Willie from BP (seriously) with Jessie from Rednecksville, Missouri. Willie was definitely a more complex and creative figure than Jessie James. He was a master of disguises, escaped from two federal high security prisons, and after his final release from prison, actually did a TV commercial for the Connecticut bank which he was convicted of robbing 18 years earlier.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “First, ads pay for this site and hard work by Mods reading all our posts.“

    Mods get paid? I thought they just do it for the laughs 😉


    I read a recent article that did some investigation into the popular tzeddakas that run ads all over the Chareidi world. A lot of these are less than fully yoshor and you really need to check in to what you’re donating to. Like, one organization only gave about 10% of the money collected to the family in need and used their own protectzia to garner a few endorsements from leading Rabbonim.

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