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    Originally, the title was different (see below) but then when I tried choosing a category – “women’s room” (much like Bais Medrash) I didn’t find any… so I put the title there to catch the Mods attention, perhaps they’ll consider creating it… anyway – my post follows:

    Title: Good, Frum “Girl Power” Article in Mispacha’s Family First

    I was pleasantly surprised to read the article “Mom the Mogul” in Mishpacha’s Family First magazine.

    It dealt with many complex issues that some women/wives/mothers face today… for example, the case where the man, for one reason or another turns out not to be the breadwinner (even though the marriage was expected to be such, it wasn’t a kollel family setup… the husband was expected to be the one bringing home parnassah.)

    And another: In the workplace, dealing with some “boorish” men (some of them supposedly frum, some not even Jewish) talking “crassly” to their female workmates and how this particular woman struggled to deal with it…

    Many other issues were brought up in the article…

    But the main point of this post – it’s amazing how some frum magazines push the envelope… and touch on subjects and issues that were mostly taboo – even just a couple of years ago.

    I for one am glad.

    Though I am sure there will be plenty letters to the editor saying “I’m cancelling my subscription” blah blah blah… because the editors dare feature articles/stories with real-life issues, than, say fantasy narratives of “ideal” but so not realistic scenarios that most (women) cannot relate to…

    What did YOU think about it?


    I think WOMEN do need a place to chat and vent and sometimes just when the discussion gets good, it is taken over by the gemorah kups who start to tackle it with sources and quotes. The topic is literally hijacked and in many cases not all women want to hear a male’s perspective and not all men want to hear a woman’s perspective on any given issue. So I don’t think it would be a bad idea if we stopped mingling here and we had separate blogs for the sexes. After all in the REAL world we wouldn’t be gathering to have these open discussions.


    Did you say you don’t want to hear a man’s perspective?

    How about on this thread?


    “Did you say you don’t want to hear a man’s perspective?

    How about on this thread? “



    You alread have that, same as us men do. I come here (as I presume most people do) to hear opinions you would not normally hear in the outside world.

    Besides, Oomis, when else would you have the chance to tell me about the cute things your einikle does?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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