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    First of all, I am going to say this very clearly- This is completely from my experiences and solely my opinion. You might not agree with what I am saying, and you do not have to agree; this is something that I want to bring up and feel free to either add your voice and opinion, or just ignore it.
    So here goes: Randomly I will go into a topic in the coffee room that looks interesting to me or something that I feel would be useful to know about. But sometimes after reading through a few of the replies and back and forth from people, I can feel very disturbed and/ or upset, horrified, frustrated, ashamed, among many other feelings. Maybe some of you feel the same way, maybe not. I feel this way when I see how people can respond to others, calling them names, degrading them, being outright mean and unfortunately, even sometimes nasty or obnoxious to others and their feelings or opinions. Lashon hara, motzei shem rah, rechilus, sinas chinam… all of these things on just one screen. People might say, “It doesn’t count because I’m not actually saying it, it’s just typing online, I don’t know the person, etc.” There can be multiple excuses for it. However, there is really no excuse for treating someone else that way. I’m not your Rav, I’m not here to rebuke you or get anyone in trouble. However, I am pointing out, albeit very strongly, that we are all part of one nation, we are all part of Klal Yisroel, and ultimately Hashem is our Father and King. It doesn’t matter who it is, what they say, look like, their hashkafos or level of ruchniyus. And it greatly bothers me that we, as Yidden have fallen to the point that it is okay to talk to one another like this, even if it is online and you may not know the person. I could go on about this more, but I would like to hear other people’s thoughts and possibly solutions.

    Sam Klein

    People are trying to help by replying back to someone’s letter in the coffeeroom and give him advice that he asked for help on his/her question.

    In my opinion the person who started the topic should appreciate all the replies he gets from many people and their information and advice but there’s no need for anyone to curse or scream out angry even if it’s about crazy Biden or de Blasio etc….

    The Shady Charedi

    100% !
    (Not that I feel I’ve ever really been the subject of anything too bad, thankfully.)

    Also, the way some can, rachmana litzlan, denigrate the Gedolei hador is tremendously worrying. On that note. I believe YWN should completely disallow comments on articles regarding the Gedolim and similar articles.


    Thank You for calling attention to this.
    I have actually recently put in a topic and was eagerly awaiting a response, and BH it was generally ok.
    However there came those who began spouting accusations at others and some of it unfortunately got ugly.
    Its very sad.
    One point I want to make,
    When you talk pompously and in a denigrating manner about someones opinion, even if you have not called him any names you are over on Lashon hara, and “ona’ah”.

    I must admit that I too have failed in that regard. And I would like to ask anyone I may have hurt for forgiveness.


    Oh my gosh. I never thought about this.
    I would also like to ask public forgiveness if I hurt anyone’s feelings.
    When it’s anonymous you forget that people can get hurt by your comments


    Well done Daven2hazhen, I’m with you all the way,
    It’s usually when one writes an opinion which may sound a little Liberal or a bit left he’ll be demonised


    Thank you everyone so far for your input!


    Does anyone else have any input? I would really like to hear it…. and also would like some suggestions on how to possibly improve or make things better. Thank you!

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