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    Mr. Rubashkin is a convicted felon. All attempts within the Frum community to celebrate his release from prison is totally baffling and inconsistent with our Torah’s values for honesty, business ethics and morality. I am completely confused as to how the Torah observant communities are reacting as this goes against every value I have been taught and learned about what Yiddishkeit represents.

    He is not a Shavui which is a captive held for ransom or a prison of war, but a criminal. Something is very wrong here.

    I have always understood and empathized with the Hareidi sector and support their causes, however, these celebrations that they are putting on on behalf of this man run in direct opposition to fundamental Torah attitudes towards sinners and those who have caused a Chillul Hashem.

    Besides being publicly unrepentened and showing no remorse, Mr. Rubashkin has not paid his debts and fines and, therefore, cannot be considered having done full Teshuva.

    I strongly urge YWN, which I read daily and greatly respect, to return to a true Torah attitude and condemn, in no uncertain terms, the misdeeds of this person and make it clear that these celebrations are wrong.

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