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    Is it possible to put your own videos on YWN Videos?

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    You may email the Editor (using “Contact YW” at the bottom of this page) and request he put your video on YWN videos.

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    just noticed that we can now comment on the videos at the bttom of the homepage…

    oy boy is this going to be a blast….


    What I do not understand is, that this is a Yeshiva site, dont you know that there are people using internet filters? Most filters are set to block youtube, so why not store the videos on yeshiva worlds site?


    Hosting videos takes server/bandwidth space. This costs money. I’m sure if you gave the money to YWN up front, they’d consider accommodating you. Otherwise, explain why the benefits outweigh the costs for the business…



    Bomb kasha.


    I would consider it, IF YWN would share with me their profits..


    2scents +1

    I too would dearly love to see this.

    Yes, video bandwidth will cost, but I wonder if “frum” sites like YWN and Gruntig realise that by putting so much content on YouTube they make it very difficult for people to filter YouTube, which really does contain content that many would like filtered.

    YouTube is an all-or-nothing platform, and other than enforcing Safety Mode, which can not be done reliably, there is no way to filter out all those YouTube videos that aren’t kosher.

    If bandwidth costs is an insurmountable issue, they don’t need host videos themselves just find a provider other than YoutTube that would aid filtering.

    I wonder if YWN has considered speaking to Vimeo or other video hosts to see if they could provide a solution that will make it easier to filter videos, or at least identify videos on a particular channel (in order to whitelist them).


    Ash: explain the benefits that YWN will receive. Do you think they will get more traffic from visitors that otherwise wouldn’t be there? Enough to take on the headache?

    It is easy to say “I want.” I want a million dollars. Now what?


    There are a large number of religious Jews (especially chareidim) who have YouTube filtered. Whoever launches a “kosher video” platform will get significant traffic from the same demographic that YWN ostensibly serves.

    The question, as you rightly point out, is how much of a headache is it? I suggested investigating whether there is an alternative video hosting platform that is more suitable to filtering (blip.tv, vimeo etc.). Some of them offer proper revenue share or Pay per View, and most of these don’t have ridiculous prices for annual subscription to premium features.

    The real problem is that YWN Videos, Gruntig etc. are merely aggregators of YouTube videos of Jewish interest, they don’t upload the videos, much less host them. The challenge would be to encourage people to upload to an unfamiliar provider or, the Jewish video platform takes on the “headache” of copying videos over to the new provider (copyright permitting).

    It’s possible there is a real market for an actual Jewish video host (rather than choosing an existing providers), but that probably isn’t in YWN gameplan. If someone else does, the likely route to revenue would be video ads (visions of Feivish appearing before each and every Rebbe Mitzvah Tanz video). I just hope that if it is done, it’s done properly not like the many fly-by-night chareidi startups that don’t have a proper business plan or technical experience for such a project.


    ash – i am sure you know of all the kosher video platforms (like youtube) which all closed? and no,m, they weren’t “startups” without proper direction. i know a major player in one of those companies which folded. he is a brilliant person, who has a degree in business management, and who has made oodels of money in dozens of businesses.

    many millions of dollars have been lost, and it is not as simple as you think.

    i am sure ywn looked into this already.


    Do you mean Jewtube? It wasn’t a kosher video platform, it was/is a videos for Jews (in the widest possible sense) platform.

    I don’t know all the kosher video platforms. Could you please list the ones you do know about and their backers where possible?

    I don’t think it’s simple, and it is definitely a risky venture.

    If anyone did sink millions into it then they made Internet Business Management Mistake #1. The correct strategy is to launch the minimum viable product, validate the market early as possible, pivot the business model if it’s not working or bail out.

    It may be that the demand increase, coupled with reduced bandwidth costs will make this a less risky proposition in the future than previous attempts (if there were any). There are also many non-Jewish people concerned about YouTube and its lack of filtering. Kaspersky released a report a month ago highlighting how it takes only 3 clicks to get from innocent children’s videos on YT to unsuitable content.

    All of this is kinda besides the point, because I was suggesting first investigating existing alternative video providers, rather than looking into building a video host.

    I’m not sure YWN have looked into this, but equally I’m doubtful YWN want to do it. Building a video hosting site, or creating a platform based on an alternative video host are both a riskier propositions than creating & running a news and discussion site.

    If someone does create such a platform, and it is viable, then any site aimed at the observant Jew demographic should strongly consider it as an alternative to YouTube.

    Either way, the increased number of “heimish” videos appearing on YT, and sites encouraging it, makes any problems harder to solve. Does anyone have a better solution, or am I overstating the problem?

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