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    What ever happened to them??????


    At least one of them changed usernames.


    trampled by rabid turtles. BDE.


    No, its not their tyoe to change…..what do you think happened?


    Zeeskeit i think stated that she/he will leave since ‘it’ was accused of being J..


    It???? J?????? Be specific!


    Can someone dig up thd post????

    YW Moderator-42

    Zeeskite is not J, s/he now has a new screenname(s one of) which may or may not be shopping613




    OK, sorry for bringing up that accusation, and thanks for clearing it up for us.

    Shopping, lets not dig up ‘that’ post, lets leave it behind us.

    I think that M-42 answered your question, ZK is currently posting under a new name.

    I think that matching ZK’s style to any recently joined member wuld reveal under which name ZK is posting.


    HELLO????? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS J?????? Plus Im SOOIOOOO not zeeskeit, this is the first time someone blames the president, founder AND awarder of SUC to have 2 usernames.


    Plus Zeeskeit is in SUC, so she cant possibly be me…

    me being Zeeskeit….ridiculous…..Zeeskeit is too cute to impersonate anyway…..


    MorahRach๏ฟฝYou Ditching Us?

    Zeeskeits last post….check it out…the thread is about leaving the CR and zeeskeit thought that Syag was mad at her….he never replied to tell her if thats really who he was mad at…..

    Syag? Is it yoyr fault she left????? Or is it MorahRach for starting the thread…..? I saw the J thread.. ( http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/list-of-all-confirmed-joseph-ids-

    Did yoy mods delete that sweet user???? Even if she was Joseph…..plus she posted until 3 months after she got blamed…..did she ever write that she left cuz she got accused???

    And look Oneofmany also got accused and hes still here

    Also HaLeivi…..


    Wait, since im not zeeskwit…how r u sure she’s still here????

    she was my favorite postwr…..

    Please comment if you have any lead on why she left


    so why do the mods allow people to play physco here and make everyone else crazy? they should just make a rule in the forum rules that prohibits multiple usernames. then you guys can delete all the creeps that like playing he-she.

    YW Moderator-73

    We made the decision to let him/her stay, so we will be respecting his/her anonymity. End of thread.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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