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    be good

    Hi I’m a frum female new to BP,

    I would like to go to Yom Kippur Kotton this afternoon in BP but don’t have a clue where to go and at what time.

    I used to go to Zichron Moishe in Geula in Yerushalaim so I would love to go to a shul somewhat similar if possible, but not neccessarily.

    Any info is helpfull (although i’d prefer a shul with an ezras nashim in the 15-18th ave area)

    Thanks so much!


    In over six years not a single person could help this poor woman?


    What have I done?!

    Anyway, “I would like to go to Yom Kippur Kotton this afternoon.”

    The next day would have been too late, let alone the next six years.

    (By the way, Be Good is still active on the CR.)


    I don’t know if there is an Ezra’s Noshim, however the Shomeer Shabbos Shul on 13th avenue has a number of minyanim that say Yom Kippur kotton including several where they lein Vychal.


    Comlink: There’s a ??? ????? ??? every month.

    In any event, I’m glad to have revived this long dormant thread and finally have brought about relief and closure for our Jewish sister ‘be good’ through the insightful response by our Jewish brother ‘nishtdayngesheft’.


    There’s a ??? ????? ??? every month. Except 4 times each year:-

    1) Nisson 29th

    2) Ellul 29th

    3) Tishri 29th

    4) Kisslev 29th

    On these 4 times, Yom Kippur Kotton does not convene.

    be good

    LOL I just came across my post as I’m looking for a Y’K Koton minyan again, but this time in Staten Island.

    Anyone? I’d like to go tomorrow if possible. If someone knows times and places in Staten Island, I’d really appreciate it.

    (or a website that I can look it up on?)

    PS: Yes, I did find and attend a few times at Shomer Shabbes on 13th ave- thank you all!


    From Yerushalayim to BP to SI? You should be going up madreigas rather than down. 😉

    be good

    Lior: Lol- Tell me about it!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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