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    DaasYochid: I agree with you about avoiding inflammatory language as presented by Avi k. However, you must admit that it is totally inconsistent to say that, on one had, everything is “min hashomayim” -like the Holocaust- yet when it comes to Israel and the medina-it is the “sitra achra”. Does that make any sense ??

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Of course I don’t admit that, because it’s not true. The sitra achra is the Soton/Malach Hamoves/Yetzer Hora. None of the aspects of the job he does are inconsistent with the idea of Min Hashomayim.

    Does that mean I think it was the sitra achra? No, but I think it’s not at all an unreasonable possibility.

    B1g B0y

    Everything is Min Hashamayim that does not mean that there aren’t things that can be attributed to a “Ma’aseh Satan”



    This is a relatively new law and cannot account for the decades in which the Zionists cruelly did not permit this.

    As well, even with the law, one wonders if the “employer on the street” would hire a chareidi with the requisite skills despite his having not served in the army or would he be a loyal Zionist and not do so.

    As well:

    How are they supposed to feel their families until age 26 when the Zionists still forbid them from working?


    Avi K:

    Ironic how the Zionists choose which gemaras to “hold of” (and to then twist to support their idolatry) and which ones to not hold of (to support their idolatry). This is, of course, in addition to the heresy of Zionism.

    Your denial of what Zionism means is unfortunate, but even based on your own words, it is absolutely forbidden for Jews to have political sovereignty in E”Y and, therefore, in your own words, forbidden to be a Zionist.


    Regarding your post to DY, we discussed this already numerous times.

    Yes, everything is min haShamayim, of course. Included in that is that Hashem also allows the Satan to test Klal Yisrael.

    The Brisker Rav stated explicitly that the Zionists’ achievement in founding their idolatrous, heretical and dissastrous State (pushing off Mashiach in the process) is the greatest achievement of the Satan since the cheit haEigel.

    The Zionists have no answers for their abomination.

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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