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    The Chagaz mechanical gas timer from the Zomet Institute seems to be a great lechatchilah solution to safer stove usage on Yom Tov. Given our many three-day YT in America, and increased awareness of risks of overnight fires, you would think a simple, effective solution like the Chagaz, which does not rely on any controversial opinions (e.g. like star-k “sabbath” YT mode, or kosher-switch) would be ripe for widespread adoption in America. [ The Chagaz is totally mechanical, with no electrical components at all – and turning it on is functionally equivalent to attaching a limited supply of gas – e.g. 45 minutes worth ]

    Given those facts, it’s puzzlng that we haven’t seen such a device widely adopted here.

    Is it available at all in America?

    If not, has anyone successfully installed the EY version, or are there technical issues with using that version (which seems to be engineered for rubber tubing gas connections- is that the standard in EY?)


    I know someone who tried to install the EY version and could not due to some incompatibilities, BUT, they bought a timer intended for a gas grill and installed that successfully. It works great. Sorry, I don’t know exactly what they used or how they did it, but I’ve seen it in use. They set an amount of time and it cuts off the gas at that point.


    Actually there seem to be at least two other mechanical gas timers that are functionally (and presumably halahicaly) equivalent to the Zomet Chagaz – but with standard USA Pipe Fittings (though both seem to focusing on the Gas BBQ / Fireplace safety/savings markets as @ChicagoBubby alludes to). Gasav-R and Fire-Magic.

    I actually have been using the Gasav-R for the last few years for Yom Tov Propane BBQ (i.e. much more convenient to use this timer with a standard 20# propane tank – instead of having to resort to 1# coleman “camping” propane tanks [with adapter hose] which last a couple of hours). I bought it from the importer Waldale who apparently has it manufactured in Taiwan (seems to also be available on Amazon and a few BBQ accessory stores).

    I’m considering installing it for our gas stove as well (seems to be a win-win-win on Halacha-Safety-Savings) before Shavuos – though for sure interested in any advice / insight from anyone (e.g. friend-of-@ChicagoBubby or anyone else) who has done this already.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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