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    Additionally, for those members of the grammar/spelling police I noticed I have the wrong

    “write” in my previous post but I noticed it too late. It should read “right” instead of “write”.

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    This is hilarious. Look how hypocritical we all are. We are saying that its dangerous for our kids to text because in a text you can say what you want and you don’t develop the skills to socialize and communicate properly. But…where are they learning that from. (Hint: We are anonymously “texting” write hereon this discussion board!!!)

    Maybe if we change ourselves to not be so trapped by technology our kids will follow, but without that change in ourselves…you can dream on about your kids.

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    I wish that schools would educate our children on this topic. Most just see it

    glamorized in society (and by peers). It has become cool to go to a party to get

    “smashed” and to lose control. All too often I hear teens (and adults well into their twenties as well) talk about the party they went to and how crazy they were. Society seems to feel that losing control and having no inhibition is a good thing.

    Well how do you think our children accomplish that….

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    It is an awesome site with shiurim given by R’ Shafier of

    Tiferes Bnai Torah. All the shiurim can be streamed online or may be downloaded

    for free. I encourage everyone to check this site out.

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    Oldbar: I agree with you on the smoking as well. I also was in Yeshiva in the LATE

    90s and smoking was glorified. They said it was Assur, however they never really explained the dangers that smoking has. Now granted I and others new that smoking is damaging to one’s health, however, it still helps to get education and to be shown what happens to you if one smokes.

    If you look at the Mesilas Yeshurim’s Hakdama, his whole premise of the sefer is to tell “what is already widely known”. He says that knowing something in the back our you mind does nothing. I would extent that concept to smoking, drugs etc… Our children, and young adults know in the back of their minds that its dangerous and wrong but that is not enough.

    Following in the concept and footsteps of the R’ Moshe Chaim Luzzato, we MUST EDUCATE ourselves even in things we think we are simply above and already know, because before you know it…you’re no longer above.

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    Thank you all for your answers. So from this little snipet it seems pretty clear that there is a drug problem is the Frum community. THat being said, why aren’t our schools educating our children about the dangers and pitfalls. Just an example of something that helps a lot: Showing a video of what happens to people who become drug users and its many deleterious consequences. I believe that when kids start that don’t fully grasp the severity of it.

    And its important to extinguish the notion that it is “cool”. It is NOT cool, and this needs to be told to our impressionable teens (and young adults).

    We must realize that we are no longer living in a world where you can insulate your children, with internet, IMing, texting, video games, facebook etc… please don’t think your child “doesn’t know from such things”.

    I will say this I went to a “high caliber”, “first tier” yeshiva, and I know a few guys FROM MY SHIUR ALONE that fell into the endless pit that is drug abuse.

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