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    I with teenager in this although not as bad. I come from a house with parents who can’t raise kids well nemore. My parents control me and my teachers are horrible. I’ve had my share of teachers which ruined my life, my relationship with fellow classmates, my relationship with siblings, and my relationship with my parents. Although I don’t think I’ll ever head toward drugs, there are too many questions about judaism that nobody has answered and that I can’t ask my parents. Another issue is that I come from a very yeshivish family where everyone will be shocked that I have these questions. My school is very frum and if they know what I do they’d kick me out. I think part of the problem is that people are close-minded and can’t believe that people have questions or are not on the same level of holiness as them. TEACHERS, PARENTS, AND OTHER TEENAGERS must be more opened to these things and there shouldn’t be an attitude of fear. Although on the outside I seem very frum, if people knew what I’ve been doing they might be shocked. This is because I can’t ask questions because I’ll be considered a damaged girl.

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