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    I guess the really good thing about general schmooze is that unlike a real conversation you could talk even if no one is listening so here it goes.

    Wedding Shtick: I would categorize wedding shtick into 5 different types.

    1. Cool dancing

    2. Cool Dance Humoristic Emulation

    3. Lame and repetitive dancing

    4. Look at me shtick

    5. Remember when shtick which is the worst of all.

    And so aspiring Shticksters, you may thinking that there is no shtick left for you to do, unless you learn how to moonwalk like Neil Armstrong. So I would just like to clarify, these rules are meant to be broken, as long as your shtick is good even if it falls into one of these categories it will still be mesameach your old baseball buddy.

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