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    oh my this is boring! if you dont want to “hack” abt. tzinius at least find sometying interesting to talk abt.

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    I’m sorry to those who will apose but I feel that it is important for girls to learn tanach. maybe they shoulnt memorise it, but when a girl sits and spends the time studying tanach it becomes engraved into her and it creates yiras shamayim. so you’ll ask how is that? well since tanach is our history there is so much mussur and halacha that can be learned from there and there are many teachers who know how to tie it together so well, and when you see it inside it leaves a much greater impact.

    when someone points out a halachah to me i always ask them to show it to me inside.

    anyway I dont see whats wrong with teaching girls tanach, they are just as jewish as the boys and so yes they should know theyre history and were they stand. I would feel very sad for a girl who doesnt know anything about david hamelech or shlomo or even the bais hamikdash, yes they should know all the details why should they have to feel lost when the topic comes up or when moshiach comes they wont know anything abt. everything.

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    I agree with Ujm. Todays generation is nebach falling so fast b4 you know it jewish kids will be mistaken for non-jewish kids.

    today every question that comes up pple have an opinion on it as if they are poskim and not only that but there are all types of heterim for every thing that in normal surcomstances should be asur.

    so why do we need all this do you think that when our gradparents were in shidduchim they had all these questions abt. whats appropriate and whats not? no, we are becoming so integrated in the american lifestyles that we think its normal.

    personally I think its very sad that a jewish bochar feels its ok to copy the goyim for dating purposes and take a girl to play pool! I mean i’m sorry its just wrong and totaly not tzinius and you can come up with much better ideas just use your head thats what its there for.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)