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    “see Shulchan Aruch 154 few of those cases are grounds to force him to divorce.”

    Right. If a case occurred that Shulchan Aruch paskens that he doesn’t have to agree to her request for a divorce, then that’s the Halacha. The request for divorce is rightfully, under explicit Halacha, denied. And Beis Din denies the request after the husband and wife litigate it at trial with the Dayanim.

    “LEts say the beis din got it wrong. Reuvein knows the truth.”

    If you’re suggesting Reuven lied to Beis Din, which is not the case I presented, then of course he’s done very wrong right there. But lmaaisa in the real world we accept the psak of Beis Din as the binding decision.

    “Bein adom lechaveiro often goes two ways”

    How’s it possible that her Bein adom lechaveiro is to agree to continue the marriage while at the same time his Bein adom lechaveiro is to give a Get??

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