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    Hashgacha Pratis: It was a packed flight from Tel Aviv. The doors were about to close when suddenly a Chassidic man in row 47 stood up. He was seated next to a woman and there was no way that he would spend the next 11 hours doing a sin! The entire plane was asked to switch seats with him – and not one person agreed. The stewardess told him it’s time to either sit back down- or get off the plane. As he was walking off the plane, a man with a small netted yarmulka stood up and said “Take my seat. We can switch”. Stunned, the Chassid asked “How come before you were unwilling and now you changed your mind” ? The man responded:I know what’s going to happen! You get off the plane, it crashes killing everyone on board, and you’ll be telling the world the Hashgacha prattis story about how your life was saved for not sitting next to a woman. Well let me tell you something- If this plane goes down-you’re coming down with us!!!

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